Co-Sponsored Programs

Co-Sponsored programs use in-country study abroad program providers to host Miami students. These programs are not Miami campuses and are not facilitated by Miami professors. Students participating in this program extend beyond Miami University students.

These program providers provide American-style support services, arrange housing, and facilitate course offerings and registration. In many cases, they will also arrange excursions, international health insurance, and cultural events.

Cost Breakdown: Co-Sponsored Programs
Program Cost Do Miami Scholarships Apply? Does Federal Financial Aid Apply?
Co-Sponsored (semester only)
  • Miami tuition 
  • Program fees (most programs include housing)
  • Transportation to program
  • Personal spending



Co-Sponsored Programs are Good for Students Who:

  • Have Miami scholarships that significantly lower the tuition cost.
  • Like to meet new people. Students could have the opportunity to meet local students and other students from around the U.S. who are participating in the program.
  • Would like to fulfill major or minor requirements while abroad. Many programs have a wide variety of courses and some have courses pre-approved by the Farmer School of Business.


Are Co-Sponsored programs more affordable because I can use my scholarships?

Sometimes, but not always! Please be sure to review the financial information and program costs with your Education Abroad Advisor to see what kind of program is more cost-effective for you.

As an out of state student, can I apply to get charged in-state tuition rates for my study abroad program?

No. The tuition cost for these programs will always refer to your Tuition Promise Rate for instructional and general fees- this includes the non-resident surcharge.

Will my credits automatically transfer back?

Credits taken abroad will transfer back as long as you request that a transcript be sent to Miami at the end of your program. Whether or not these credits will fulfill graduation requirements will be determined by your Consortium Agreement/Transfer Credit Approval Form. For more information on how to complete this form, please contact your Education Abroad Advisor.

Will there be other Miami students on the program?

These programs are popular with Miami students however, we cannot guarantee that there will be other Miami students on these programs.