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Research and Awards

At the Howe Center for Writing Excellence, faculty and graduate students strive to be thought leaders who conduct innovative research on the cutting edge of writing, learning, teaching, administration, and assessment.

Other Publications

Mandy Olejnik. "Blurred Boundaries: Sussing Out Thresholds between WAC and WPA in Administrative." With Amy Cicchino, Christina LaVecchia, and Al Harahap. In Celebrating Successes, Recognizing Challenges, Inviting Critique, edited by Jill Dahlman, Heather Falconer, Megan Kelly, and Caleb González (forthcoming 2022).
Elizabeth Wardle, Angela Glotfelter and Ann Updike.“ ‘Something Invisible… Has Been Made Visible for Me’: An Expertise-Based WAC Seminar Model Grounded in Theory and (Cross) Disciplinary Dialogue.” In Diverse Approaches to Teaching, Learning, and Writing Across the Curriculum: IWAC at 25. Lesley Bartlett, Sandra Tarabochia, Andrea Olinger, and Margaret Marshall, eds. WAC Clearinghouse, 2020. 167-92. 

Winner of the CWPA Outstanding Scholarship Award, 2022. 

Conference Presentations

*Christa Niemann. “Linguistic Analysis for Interpersonal Engagement.” ECWCA (East Central Writing Center Association conference), Lansing, MI. 2022
**Destiny Brugman and **Anita Long. “Learning from Consultants’ Affective Responses to Online Consulting: Applying Lessons from Covid to Tutor Training” International Writing Center Association 2022.
*Zoe Kelley, **Ahja Johnson, **Christa Niemann. “The Stories They Tell: Consultant Projects and the Shaping of the Writing Center Narrative.” East Central Writing Centers Association 2022.
Lizzie Hutton, **Danielle Hart, **Anita Long, and **Brenda Tyrrell. “From the Writing Center to the Classroom: Scaffolding Better Asynchronous Peer Review.” Northeast Conference on College Composition and Communication. 2021
Mandy Olejnik. “Blurred Boundaries: Sussing Out Thresholds between WAC and WPA in Administrative Professionalization” International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, August 2021.
**Destiny Brugman and **Anita Long. “Consultants’ Affective Responses to Synchronous and Asynchronous Consulting.” International Writing Center Association 2021.
Lizzie Hutton and *Lauren Miles. “Revisionary Reading in the Writing Center.” International Writing Center Association. 2019
**Mitch Dandignac. “Automated Text Analysis on the Effects of Writing Center Consultations.” Poster session, IWCA, Columbus, OH. October 2019.
*Kyle Smith and *Mikel Prater. “(Not) Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater: Written Online Consulting” Panel presentation, IWCA. 2019.
Mandy Olejnik “Analyzing (Mis)conceptions of Graduate-Level Writing.” Consortium on Graduate Student Communication, Arlington, VA, June 2019.

*Miami undergrad student.  **Miami graduate student.

Invited Workshops & Keynotes

Elizabeth Wardle. “Learning Thresholds and Writing: Designing Courses for Deep Learning.” Accent on Communication: High Impact Faculty Institute. Ashland University. June 2022. (Keynote)
Elizabeth Wardle. “Honoring Learning in Liminal Spaces: Designing Environments for Deep Learning Around Threshold Concepts.” The Original Lilly Conference for Teaching Writing. Miami University. November 2021. (Keynote)
Elizabeth Wardle. “Unpacking Expertise: Making Our Assumptions Visible and Accessible to Students.” The Original Lilly Conference for Teaching Writing. Miami University. November 2021. (Workshop)
Elizabeth Wardle. “Writing for Disciplinary Difference: What is Our Role in Writing Classes?” Western Carolina University. October 8, 2021. (Workshop)
Elizabeth Wardle “Good Pedagogy is Good Writing Pedagogy: How Learning Theory Can Inform Your Teaching with Writing.” Carthage College. August 23, 2021. (Workshop)
Elizabeth Wardle. “Honoring Learning in Liminal Spaces: Helping Student Writers in Humanities Classes.” UT Knoxville. March 5, 2020. (Public Lecture)
Elizabeth Wardle. “Learning Thresholds: Honoring Learning in Liminal Spaces.” New College. February 7, 2020. (Workshop)
Elizabeth Wardle. “ ‘The Hardest Thing About Writing is Not Getting Enough Instruction’: But How Do We Make What We Know about Writing Visible and Accessible to Students?” University of California, Santa Barbara. January 16, 2020. (Workshop)

Howe Center for Writing Excellence

The mission of the HCWE is to ensure that Miami supports its students in developing as effective writers in college, and fully prepares all of its graduates to excel as clear, concise, and persuasive writers in their careers, communities, and personal lives.

2022 Writing Program Certificate of Excellence


2022 Exemplary Enduring WAC Program

2022 Exemplary Enduring WAC Program Award