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Investment Advisory Services

Learn about Miam's Investment Advisory Services.

Cammack Retirement Group Merges With CAPTRUST

Miami originally engaged Cammack Retirement Group (Cammack) through a contract with the IUC-Ohio. Cammack provided the initial analysis and consulting that led to the retirement plan changes that were implemented in 2020. In January of 2021, Cammack merged with CAPTRUST Financial Advisors. CAPTRUST is an investment advisory and consulting firm with 50 offices and 800 employees nationwide, managing over $600 Billion in assets. They serve 1,970 clients and 4.25Million Participants across all 50 states. The Cammack team of investment advisors and consultants continues to work with Miami under their new relationship with CAPTRUST.

Ongoing Due Diligence

Investment Advisory Services (Fiduciary Services)

The following investment advisory services described below are Fiduciary Services:

  • Perform annual fiduciary training.
  • Conduct quarterly reviews of investment options fees and performance with the Plan Sponsor.
  • Prepare meeting summary notes for the Plan Sponsor’s approval.
  • Prepare quarterly due diligence report for the Plan Sponsor, including asset recap, annual business planning strategy, economic & capital markets review, fund performance, action items, industry trends, best practices, and legislative updates.
  • Make recommendations for selection, retention, and termination of funds.
  • Review and make recommendations to IPS and retirement committee charter, as needed.
  • Target date fund glide path analysis.
  • Assist in the rollout of any investment changes to the Plans.

Non-Investment Advisory Services (Non-Fiduciary Services)

The following non-investment services described below are not Fiduciary Services:

  • Work with Plan Sponsor to establish documentation processes.
  • Review plan design, goals, objectives, and best practices with retirement committee of Plan Sponsor.
  • Compliance research, support, and troubleshooting.
  • Establish annual goals with Plan Sponsor for communication & education campaigns, and coordinate with vendors.
  • Act as a liaison between provider and Plan Sponsor to maximize the vendor relationship.
  • Review legislative issues and industry trends with Plan Sponsor.
  • Negotiate recordkeeping fees and services with vendors.
  • Discuss investment education initiatives under Plans.

Our Mission

Working alongside the various departments and units within Miami University, we strive to recruit, cultivate, acknowledge, and involve a diverse pool of talent to fulfill their goals and the overarching goals of the institution.