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Retirement@Work User Guide

Miami University's ARP and 403(b) retirement one location.

Retirement@Work Portal

In the Retirement@Work® online portal, you can:
  • Enroll in your supplemental 403(b) retirement plan(s)
  • Change your voluntary 403(b) contribution amount at any time
  • Choose your preferred 403(b) and ARP retirement plan provider(s)
  • View all Miami University 403(b) Plan and ARP account balances across approved or current investment providers
  • Access tools and resources for retirement planning

1. Access Retirement@Work®

Click on Retirement@Work®. If prompted, register for access.

2. Set up your contributions

For ARP participants, after selecting your investment provider, no other action is required.

To initiate or change 403(b) contributions:

  • Click Set Up or Manage Contributions
  • Enter the dollar amount you want to contribute to the voluntary plan(s) per pay period and when you want contributions to start.
  • Based on the dollar amount you enter, you’ll see an estimate of your percentage contribution per pay period.
  • To split your contributions between pretax and Roth account, click the indicated button to enter the dollar amounts you wish to be directed to each account.
  • To stop your current contributions to a 403(b) or a Roth, click on Stop voluntary contribution.

Note: Click the + next to each plan to read more information and review available investment providers.

3. Select investment providers

To ARP Participants

Employee and employer contributions will automatically be directed to the same investment provider based on your ARP provider election.

You may elect to change your ARP provider in the future, however; you may only change your ARP investment provider once per calendar month.

To 403(b) Participants

Decide if you want to direct all of your contributions to the same investment provider(s) and click Yes or No.

  • If you choose Yes, all plans in which you contribute and all contribution types - which, based on your plan(s), employee contributions, pretax, and Roth - will be directed to the same investment provider(s) with the same percentage amounts.
  • If you choose No, you will then make your choices by individual plan and contribution type.

If you want to choose different providers for the 403(b) or Roth voluntary plan, choose "No."

Enter the dollar amount you wish to allocate to each provider.

4. Review your contributions

  • Check to be sure your desired selections are reflected in the summary.
  • If they are not, click the Edit button to make changes.
  • Once your selections are shown, review the Terms and Conditions, check the box, then click Confirm.
  • The next page will confirm that your elections were submitted.

5. Open your invest account(s) and select investments

  • Click the name of each provider you selected to open an account with them (if you do not have one already)and select your investments by plan.
  • You will exit Retirement@Work®and be directed to the provider's website to complete this task.
  • If you selected more than one provider, you must return to this page to click each provider's name to complete the process.

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