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Time Off for Bereavement

When a family member passes away, it can be a difficult and stressful time for you and your family. The University offers several resources to assist you and your family in coping during this trying time.

Time Off for Bereavement

Contact your supervisor to request any time off needed.

  • For immediate family members, you may use up to five days of available sick leave.
  • For others, you must use available vacation, personal, or comp time with the permission of your supervisor.

Request Leave of Absence

Login to Workday to request a Leave of Absence. Click on your profile and follow the instructions below:

  1. Select Actions
  2. Select Request Absence
  3. In Absence Calendar if your absence will be for a long period of time it's easiest to use the "Select Date Range" button on the top left of the screen and for example, you might input "From" 7/24/2024 "To" 1/24/2025. For shorter periods of time select the dates in the calendar and click on "Request Absence".
  4. Select Absence Type, then Time Off
  5. Select Sick
  6. Fill out details for: Sick - Reason
  7. Bereavement (Max 5 days)

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