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Vacation Time

The purpose of the vacation benefit is to provide time away from work for rest, recreation, and renewal.

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Request Leave of Absence

Login to Workday to request a Leave of Absence. Click on your profile and follow the instructions below:

  1. Select Actions
  2. Select Request Absence
  3. In Absence Calendar if your absence will be for a long period of time it's easiest to use the "Select Date Range" button on the top left of the screen and for example, you might input "From" 7/24/2024 "To" 1/24/2025. For shorter periods of time select the dates in the calendar and click on "Request Absence".
  4. Select Absence Type, then Time Off
  5. Select Vacation

Unclassified Staff Accrual

Full-time administrative staff with 10, 11, or 12 month appointments earn vacation as follows:

  • 10 month contract 18 days per fiscal year
  • 11 month contract 20 days per fiscal year
  • 12 month contract 22 days per fiscal year

The University fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30.

Faculty do not earn vacation, but are not required to work during the University break periods that fall within the term of their academic-year appointment (fall, thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks).

Coaches, trainers, and equipment managers, in lieu of vacation, are entitled to 22 non-contract days per fiscal year as approved by their supervisor.

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Classified-SATSS and AFSCME Staff Accrual

Vacation is accrued on a pro-rated basis based upon hours reported and years of service.

Employees may accrue a maximum of vacation that would be earned in a three-year period. An employee will not accrue vacation while the balance is at the maximum permitted. Employees shall forfeit their right to take or to be paid for any vacation leave to their credit which is in excess of the accrual for three years.

View Classified-SATSS and AFSCME Policy

Classified-SATSS and AFSCME Staff Accrual

Length of Service Annual Accrual Pay Period Accrual Accrual Maximum
0-6 years 2 weeks (80 work hours) 3.1 hours (per 80 hours reported) 6 weeks
7-13 years 3 weeks (120 work hours) 4.62 hours (per 80 hours reported) 9 weeks
14-23 years 4 weeks (160 work hours) 6.16 hours (per 80 hours reported) 12 weeks
24+ years 5 weeks (200 work hours) 7.7 hours (per 80 hours reported) 15 weeks

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