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Job Audit

A job audit is a formal review of the current duties and responsibilities assigned to a position to ensure appropriate classification within the classified pay program. An audit should be requested if the duties and responsibilities of a position have significantly changed.

Job Audit Details

The job audit process looks solely at the duties and responsibilities assigned to the employee. Employee performance is not a factor in an audit.

When completing the Job Audit Questionnaire, employees need to consider their job's usual responsibilities and not dwell on limited, short-term tasks or future responsibilities. They should input the duties that are essential and a regular part of the job. They should consider the job and its requirements, not their own personal background or how they would like to see the job performed.


The audit procedure is as follows:

  1. Complete the online Job Audit Form and submit to Human Resources.
  2. The employee’s supervisor will receive an email from Human Resources requesting additional information on the employees job and work performed. The information provided by the supervisor is submitted to Human Resources.
    • It is not necessary for a classified employee to have the support of his or her supervisor in order to request a job audit.
    • Supervisors can not erase or change the employee’s responses or comments. Supervisors can provide comments on the answers provided and can also provide additional information pertaining to the work the employee performs.
  3. HR will conduct an in-person interview with the employee to discuss their selections on the questionnaire and will seek additional information on the employee’s work performed from the supervisor or other sources.
  4. Once the job audit is scored, the employee will be informed of the results of the job audit. The employee may appeal the results by submitting a written request top within 30 days of receiving the audit results.

Audit Score Determination and Outcome

HR uses a standard weighted average tool to score the job audit. The tool determines a score based on analysis of the answers that the employee selected on the questionnaire, responses to open ended questions on the form, and the discussion that occurs during the job audit in-person interview.

Each pay zone has an established job audit score. We compare the determined job audit score and the established score, and then we notify you and your supervisor of the approval or denial of the reclassification.

If job audit is approved:

  • HR will submit a Job Audit action in ProcessMaker.
  • After final approval of the Job Audit action, HR will send the employee a notification letter with their new job title and pay rate. The changes take effect the first day of the pay period following the date the job audit was submitted.
  • The reclassification changes will be entered into Banner.

If job audit is denied:

  • HR will send a Job Audit determination letter to the employee.
  • Employees can appeal the outcome of their job audit within 30 calendar days. The re-audit will be conducted by the Director of Compensation or assigned to an HR Generalist.
  • If HR denies the job re-audit, employees cannot complete another job audit request on their position for one year from the date they submitted the original job audit.

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