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Staff Exits

When an employee leaves your department it is important that you notify HR as soon as possible.

Staff Exits

Employees should notify our department, but sometimes forget. When an employee leaves your department, ensure that you are familiar with the exit process for employees. Please note: The process to fill a position cannot be started until the following steps have been completed. 

Resignation or Retirement

If an employee comes to you with the intent to resign or retire, they should follow the appropriate steps for Leaving the University. In both cases, the employee will need to complete the Resignation Notice form

Failure to Report to Work, Probationary Removal, or Termination for Cause

When an employee stops reporting to work for three consecutive scheduled work days, you must begin the disciplinary process. Do not wait any longer than those three days.

Should there be reason for the probationary removal of an employee, or if you have gathered appropriate documentation to begin the termination process, you can initiate these removal processes.

In all three cases, your should contact Employee and Labor Relations.

Our Mission

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