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Unclassified Job Recommendation

These procedures are only applicable for unclassified job searches. Classified job searches are governed by civil services rules and/or bargaining unit contracts. Human Resources must extend potential job offers and negotiate salaries on your behalf.

Unclassified Job Recommendation

Departments may not extend an offer of employment to any candidate. The University has an approval process that must be followed prior to an official offer of employment. The Department of Human Resources makes an official offer of employment after receiving approval for that recommendation to hire.

When discussing a potential employment offer with a candidate, it is very important that you inform the candidate of the process and make it clear that you are not making an official offer of employment, but rather a recommendation that they be hired into the open position.

It is best that a candidate not take action (e.g., resigning from their current position) until the Department of Human Resources has sent the official offer of employment, via email.

Completing a Hiring Recommendation

Once interviews are completed and a candidate is identified for final consideration, the department must complete a hiring recommendation. A hiring department may not recommend an applicant who does not meet the required minimum qualifications for the position.

Once a department submits a recommendation, we initiate reference and criminal background checks. We will submit all materials through the workflow to departmental approvers, Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity (OEEO) for hiring approval, and the Budget office.

Human Resources will issue a letter of offer after approval (from OEEO, the Budget Office, divisional Vice President) and receipt of an acceptable background check. Please note: Records, written or electronic, of the recruitment and selection process must be kept by the hiring department for three years. Records maintained should include information on advertising, recruitment letters, telephone calls or other contacts, interview notes, applications received, letters of appointment or rejection, ratings instruments, and specific steps taken to recruit women and minorities.

Extending a Recommendation of Employment

When extending a recommendation of employment, your conversation sets the tone in helping the candidate determine if they would like to work at Miami. In order to assist you in making a good impression and providing the right information to the candidate of choice, we suggest that you:

  1. Contact the candidate directly via phone or email.
  2. Introduce yourself. Provide your full name, title and which department you are affiliated with at Miami.
  3. Verify that it is a good time to speak to the candidate.
  4. Thank the candidate for their interest in the specific position and for taking the time to interview.
  5. Explain the reasons why you (or the search committee) believe that the candidate would be a good fit for the position.
  6. Note that you would like to recommend the candidate for employment and ask if they are still interested in the position.
  7. Discuss the salary details and negotiate a starting salary, if needed. Explain that Miami has an excellent total compensation package during this time.

Next Steps

If the candidate is interested in the position, let the candidate know you are happy that they are interested and explain the hiring process: 

  • All hiring actions go through an approval process that includes the Budget Office, the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity, and HR.
  • For positions that are more than 90 days in duration, the candidate must have a criminal background check. Note that the official offer of employment will be made after the process is complete.
  • Stress that you are making a recommendation for employment only and that this is not an official offer (which comes from HR).
  • Inform the candidate to look for an email from HireRight, the company that performs background checks for Miami University. It may go to the inbox or to spam so they should look in both places.
  • Discuss a potential start date.

If the candidate wants to think about the position, state that you understand. Then do the following:

  • Discuss a timeframe for the candidate to make a decision and agree to a specific date that the candidate will contact you regarding a decision.
  • Ask the candidate if there is any information that you may provide that will assist them with their determination. 
  • Provide the candidate with your contact information. 
  • Thank the candidate for their time and indicate that you look forward to hearing from them by the deadline for the decision.

If the candidate declines the preliminary offer, state your regret and ask the candidate to share why they decided to decline the offer. (Document the reason why the candidate declined the offer.) You can then:

  • Thank the candidate for considering Miami University and wish them luck.
  • Encourage them to consider Miami University in the future.

Our Mission

Working alongside the various departments and units within Miami University, we strive to recruit, cultivate, acknowledge, and involve a diverse pool of talent to fulfill their goals and the overarching goals of the institution.