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Months 2 to 3

Tasks for you first 2 to 3 months.

To Do List

First Performance Management Cycle Discussion (Performance Expectation and Create Goals)

  • Supervisors should outline performance expectations and goals that are to be achieved early in the new employee's career at Miami University.
  • All Classified and Unclassified staff will be evaluated using the new online PageUp Performance Evaluation. The evaluation includes collaborative goal setting using the SMART Goal technique, six behavioral categories (competencies), a five-tier rating system and three required performance discussions throughout the performance evaluation cycle.
  • The intention of the online performance management tool is:
    • Create a consistent performance management process at Miami
    • Simplify the evaluation process
    • Encourage collaboration between supervisor and employee
    • Foster skill and career development

Mid-Probationary Evaluation

  • Classified Staff should have a mid-probationary evaluation and an end-of-probation evaluation.
  • The Supervisor will receive an email notification from the PageUp system notifying them to begin the mid-probationary evaluation process for the probationary employee.
  • There are different probation periods for different types of Classified Staff employees, as described in MUPIM 20.6 (see Probationary Periods and Probation for Part-Time Workers).
  • Unclassified staff may or may not have a mid or end-of-probation evaluation.

Select Your Retirement Plan

  • For part-time and full-time employees, OPERS (staff) and STRS (faculty) require your election to be made within 180 days of hire.
  • For full-time employees, election of an alternative retirement plan (ARP) must be made within 120 days of hire. See the Benefits interactive video (staff-OPERS or faculty-STRS) for details on choosing an ARP plan.

Learning and Professional Development

The primary focus during this time frame is becoming proficient in your role. Unclassified and Classified Staff will have opportunities for training. Speak with your supervisor about specific training that is available (software, systems, etc.) to equip you with the tools needed for you to perform your job.

Our Mission

Working alongside the various departments and units within Miami University, we strive to recruit, cultivate, acknowledge, and involve a diverse pool of talent to fulfill their goals and the overarching goals of the institution.