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Payroll FAQs

Confused about payroll? View our FAQs below!

How do I access Benefits and Payroll training materials on Workday?

Benefits and Payroll training materials can be found in Workday learning on Canvas under the Benefits and Payroll section.

How do I add direct deposit?

You can add direct deposit (called payment elections in Workday) by viewing your Payment Elections Report in Workday. You can view more instructions on our Payment Elections Page.

How do I view my paycheck?

You can view your paycheck in Workday by choosing the Pay Application. Please review the Understand Your Payslip page for instructions.

Where are my tax forms?

You can view your tax forms in Workday by choosing the Pay Application > Tax. Please review Manage your Taxes and Tax Elections page for more information.

Where is TCP, PageUp, and BannerWeb?

All of these systems have been replaced by Workday. Employees can access Benefits and Payroll, Time Off and Leave of Absense, Expenses, and Time Tracking all in Workday.

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