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Understand Your Payslip

Miami University runs a paperless system for all payslips and pay stub information. All employees can review their payment information online. Employees may print their payslips if needed.


Payslips are available to view in Workday the day before the pay date. Note that only pay periods paid from Workday will have Workday payslips. For exempt staff, that will begin with the July 30, 2024 pay date. For non-exempt staff, the first pay date in Workday is July 11, 2024.

How to Access your Payslip in Workday

  1. Log in to Workday with your credentials.
  2. Select Menu in the top-left corner.
  3. Select the Pay application (if you don't see Pay application in the list, click on Add Apps button and put Pay in the search bar, select the Pay App and hit the plus sign next to it).
  4. When in Pay application: Under View, select Payslips.
  5. Select View or Print for the desired payslip.

How to Read Your Payslip in Workday

The payslip contains the following sections:

  1. Company Information: Provides company / employer information including Name and Address.
  2. Payslip Information: Contains summary information of employee: Name, ID, Pay Period dates, and check date. Check number will only appear if you receive a paper check.
  3. Current and YTD totals: Summary totals including current pay period and year to date (YTD) for the current calendar year. Note that Gross Pay less deductions and taxes equals Net Pay.
  4. Earnings: Provides details for each type of earnings you have received this pay period and YTD in alphabetical order. Note these amounts can include regular earnings, vacation, sick, overtime pay, etc.
  5. Employee taxes: Shows the amount withheld from your paycheck for payroll taxes. This can include Medicare, Federal Withholding, and state, city or local taxes depending on your work and home address.
  6. Pre Tax deductions: Pre-tax deductions include deductions you have elected to have withheld from your earnings such as medical, dental, vision, retirement contributions, and other pre -tax benefit types.
  7. Post Tax deductions: Post-tax deductions are made after your payroll tax obligation for the current pay is calculated.
  8. Employer paid benefits: Benefits that Miami University as employer contributes on your behalf. Examples are OPERS, STRS or alternative retirement plan matching contributions, long term disability, basic life insurance, etc. These are not deductions from your pay, they are paid by your employer.
  9. Subject or taxable wages: Shows the portion of your earnings that are taxable for each withholding. Note that the amounts may be different as each withholding type has certain qualifications to determine whether wages are taxable.
  10. Withholding: Withholding includes your Federal and State Tax Elections at the time payroll was processed. You can update your elections on the Workday home screen. Based on the timing of your update, the change may not be reflected until the next pay period. Employees who make no elections will receive a default of Single Status and $0 tax credits.
  11. Payment Information: Shows how you elected to distribute your net pay. For employees who don't have direct deposit, this will show check information, without Bank Account details. You can update your banking and deposit elections from the Pay application in Workday. Based on the timing of your update, the change my not be reflected until the next pay period.

To View, Download, or Print Your Payslip

Visit the Canvas Workday System Preview Courses to follow step by step instructions. Scroll to the bottom of the Workday System Preview Page and select "All Topics." Then select, "Benefits & Payroll." Under "Payroll Topics & Guides" you can choose "View & Print Payslips."

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