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Student Employees

Your student job with Miami University can set you up for success at Miami and beyond. In addition to receiving compensation, consider these additional benefits: relevant experience in your field, building relationships with professors, staff, and other students, a convenient location, and flexible scheduling for your classes and exams.

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Student Employment Tips and Questions

What are the steps to starting to work as a student at Miami University?

  1. Search for jobs.
  2. Apply to multiple jobs.
  3. Check the email you used to apply for more information.
  4. A background check may be required for certain jobs.
  5. If you are recommended for hire, you will either receive an authorization to work or instructions to attend a paid, in-person orientation with the Student Employment Team in Human Resources. Bring your original documents to the orientation.
  6. If you attend the orientation and complete the onboarding steps, you and your manger will recieve an email authorizing you to start working. It is imperative that student do not begin working before receiving an email authorizing them to begin working. If you were invited to orientation and don't attend, you may reschedule but you may not begin working.

What to bring with you from home

Be sure to bring the original paper documents to fulfill the Federal eligibility to work requirement. You'll need one item from list A OR one item from list B and list C. Here's a link to all of the options. We'll need to see these documents in person before you can begin working. Also, in order to complete your payment elections, you'll need to know your bank name and routing number plus your unique account number.

How to apply

You'll find student job postings for registered Miami students listed separately from ones for other university students or high school students. Miami students will sign in to My Miami and then Workday and search for "find job." Other university students or high school students will search for student jobs on the Miami HR website. If you are a high school student taking courses at Miami, please apply as a high school student. If you are an incoming freshman not yet registered for classes, you'll be able to apply as a Miami Student after you register for classes.

What to expect after you apply

Communication about your application will be sent to the email you used to apply. Most departments will interview candidates. However, some will hire without one. If you're selected, you'll receive an email to complete more information online. A paid, in-person orientation with the Human Resources Department is required if you are not a current Miami employee. Please coordinate your orientation date with your supervisor. (Please breakout the Sample Questions to Ask into a separate box.)

Prepare your own questions to ask in the interview. Asking questions will help you determine if this is the right job for you. Sample questions: What is the environment like? Is the work team-based and collaborative or am I working on my own? What will be provided in training? What is the dress code and can you give me examples? Will I be able to take time off to study for an exam? Does this job lead to other jobs with more responsibility?

How are work study students paid?

Work study students can apply to any student job at Miami University and they will receive the same wage listed in the job posting. The compensation will be deposited into the bank accounts entered during onboarding.

Our Mission

Working alongside the various departments and units within Miami University, we strive to recruit, cultivate, acknowledge, and involve a diverse pool of talent to fulfill their goals and the overarching goals of the institution.