Electronic Content (Web and Content on Web) Exceptions

Individual Miami offices, divisions, and departments may submit the Electronic Document Exception Form to seek exceptions to the requirement that electronic documents posted to their websites and subdomains, or within their web applications, conform with WCAG 2.0 AA.

Miami shall grant exceptions only for electronic documents meeting all of the following requirements:

    1. the documents are of interest to a specific and limited audience (e.g., researchers in a particular academic discipline);
    2. the set of documents requiring remediation to conform with WCAG 2.0 AA is voluminous (i.e., the total page count of the electronic documents that reside on a single web page exceeds 100 pages), or is—from a technical perspective—exceptionally difficult to remediate; and
    3. the documents are presented in such a way that individuals with disabilities are able to identify documents of particular interest and request remediation of those documents.

The Accessible Technology Coordinator will include in his or her quarterly reports a detailed description (e.g., a description of the nature of the excepted documents and the precise number of documents at issue), together with supporting documentation (e.g., screen captures from relevant web pages), of the reasons why Miami granted each requested exception during the relevant reporting period.

Procurement Exceptions

Automatic Exceptions

Web technology or software in the following categories below are automatically excepted from the requirements of this Policy:

      1. Web technology or software that Miami procures for use in courses whose enrollment is fewer than 400 students, based upon the prior academic year's enrollment; or
      2. Web technology or software whose cost is $1,000 or less. The above automatic exceptions are not applicable to LMSs, standalone instructional support applications, or web technology or software that is used for critical or important transactions (e.g., websites used for campus housing, campus dining, registering for classes, paying bills, obtaining transcripts) or to complete required training (e.g., AlcoholEDU).

Exceptions Requiring Review

For all web technology or software not subject to the automatic exceptions listed above, that Miami procures for use by students, the Procurement Review Committee may grant an exception only for:

    1. Web technology or software for which, after consultation with the Accessible Technology Coordinator, the person or entity requesting the exception can show that no equivalent accessible option is available; or
    2. Web technology or software that is used as a standard or common practice in a field of study, industry, or profession.