Video Conferencing Equipment Addition to the ILRC

Project Title: Video Conferencing Equipment Addition to the ILRC

Long Title (if desired): Video Conferencing Equipment Addition to the ILRC

Project Lead's Name: Daniel E. Meyers

Project Lead's Email:

Project Lead's Phone: 513-529-2510

Project Lead's Division: CAS

Primary Department: Interactive Language Resource Center

Other Team Members and their emails: Guy Moore,; Margaret, Ziolkowski,

List Departments Benefiting or Affected by this proposal:
  • Department of Classics
  • Department of French & Italian
  • Department of German, Russian, Asian, Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
  • Department of Spanish & Portuguese
  • Interactive Language Resource Center

Estimated Number of Under-Graduate students affected per year (should be number who will actually use solution, not just who is it available to): 120

Estimated Number of Graduate students affected per year (should be number who will actually use solution, not just who is it available to): 0

Describe the problem you are attempting to solve and your approach for solving that problem: The ILRC would like to create a video conferencing addition to an existing Windows workspace so that anticipated increases in distance learning courses and collaborative courses with other partner universities and institutions will be able to meet. Installing video conferencing equipment into this workspace will allow more classes to meet that otherwise could not.

How would you describe the innovation and/or the significance of your project: Currently a video conferencing room in Irvin hall is controlled by the Registrar's office and is being used for several courses. However, because classes meet regularly in this room that are not video-conferenced based, there are times that one-off video conferences or irregularly scheduled conferences cannot take place. The addition of this equipment will help to alleviate this problem and allow students to have specialized or advanced classes that could not otherwise meet.

How will you assess the success of the project: Long term success of the project will be that an increase in distance learning courses and video-conferencing meetings between students and other universities and institutions will continue.

Total Amount Requested: $6,422.00

Budget Details:

  • Hardware and Equipment Basic - $3,200
  • Installation Materials Basic - $387
  • Integration Services - $2,715
  • Shipping - $120

Is this a multi-year request: No

Please address how, if at all, this project impacts any of Miami's BCSAE, 2020, or divisional plans: ENHANCES PARTNERSHIPS - The equipment requested will allow faculty to partner with other Ohio universities and institutions to bring cooperative classes and coursework benefiting both universities;

SUSTAINABILITY PLAN: allows advanced courses that might not make minimum enrollment numbers possible with just one institution

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION PLAN: allows students to meet as a class with people and universities in language, culture, and societal aspects critical to humanities courses.