Competitive Process Proposals (FY19)

Here you will find a list of all the project proposals that were accepted and the amount funded for each. More details can be found by exploring each proposal.

For more information about proposals that weren't funded or to view previous years' project proposals, please email

College of Arts & Science Proposals

Game Cameras for Wildlife Observation

Requestor: Susan Hoffman

Amount: $1,319

Video Conferencing Equipment Addition to the ILRC

Requestor: Daniel E. Meyers

Amount: $6,422

Ultrafast, Low-Noise Electrochemical Test System for Single Molecule Measurement for Miami Students

Requestor: Hang Ren

Amount: $31,872

Sequencing Whole Plant Genomes in the Classroom

Requestor: Richard Moore

Amount: $4,979

Teaching Microscopes with Digital Cameras

Requestor: Robert Baker

Amount: $33,666

Engaging Students with Real-Time 'Big Data' from Automated Environmental Sensors

Requestor: Michael J. Vanni

Amount: $14,187

Trace Metals Analysis Using Digital Microscopes

Requestor: Andre J. Sommer

Amount: $4,782

Gel Documentation for Biology Research at Miami University

Requestor: Michael L. Robinson

Amount: $11,686

Recently Developed Mobile EEG System for Education of Student Researchers

Requestor: Anthony (Tony) Drew, M.S.

Amount: $4,691 

College of Creative Arts Proposals

Animation Facility Upgrade and Installation of an Indoor Display Monitor

Requestor: Joomi Chung

Amount: $58,755

Axiom 2' x 4' CNC Routers for Architecture and Interior Design Department

Requestor: Teddy W. Wong Jr.

Amount: $24,995

Professional 360-Degree Cameras for Classroom Use

Requestor: Eric Hodgson

Amount: $12,861

Experiential Technology $ Design Studio

Requestor: Phil Alexander

Amount: $20,500

College of Engineering and Computing Proposals

College of Education, Health, and Society Proposals

Technology to Assess Cardiovascular and Cerebral Health

Requestor: Kevin Ballard

Amount: $84,577

Eye, Ear, and Abdominal Examination Trainers

Requestor: Emily Davie

Amount: $11,379

Social Work Clinical Simulation Training

Requestor: Sharon Custer

Amount: $12,000

Farmer School of Business Proposals

Miami University Libraries Proposals

Creating with WeVideo (

Requestor: Mark Dahlquist

Amount: $15,428

3D Printing Creation Lab

Requestor: John Williams

Amount: $29,340

Converting Group Study Rooms to Focus Rooms w/SmartDesks

Requestor: Samantha Brandenburg

Amount: $14,697

Data Visualization and Virtual Reality Lab

Requestor: Lori Chapin

Amount: $35,990

African American Newspapers

Requestor: Jenny Presnell

Amount: $20,000

Camera Upgrade for Digitization Lab

Requestor: Alia Levar Wegner

Amount: $59,680

Student Affairs Proposals

Student Access to Mental Health Services

Requestor: John Ward

Amount: $17,370