Animation Facility Upgrade and Installation of an Indoor Display Monitor

Project Title: Animation Facility Upgrade and Installation of an Indoor Display Monitor

Long Title (if desired): Funding request for upgrading the animation facility and to install a departmental display monitor.

Project Lead's Name: Joomi Chung

Project Lead's Email:

Project Lead's Phone: 513-529-2920

Project Lead's Division: CCA

Primary Department: Art

List Departments Benefiting or Affected by this proposal: Art

Estimated Number of Under-Graduate students affected per year (should be number who will actually use solution, not just who is it available to): 36

Estimated Number of Graduate students affected per year (should be number who will actually use solution, not just who is it available to): 5

Describe the problem you are attempting to solve and your approach for solving that problem:


  • Outdated technology: the animation computers and support equipment are too outdated to effectively run the current softwares for animation and motion graphics, so we are running outdated software packages and using dated support equipment. Each year it gets more difficult to keep the systems running smoothly, and even when our technology is working it is still not up to industry standards.
  • Lack of a public/departmental venue to show the students’ time-based projects: While 2D and 3D works (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) have display walls and pedestals for public display of students works, there is no facility to exhibit time-based projects. As a result of this inequity there is the perception the the Studio Art area is not engaged in any technology based activity.


  • Upgrade the animation, new media and motion graphics technology: During Summer 2018 room 107 in the Art Building expanded and remodeled. Now there is sufficient space for digital animation stations, 3D stop-motion animation + storage area, and 2D stop-motion animation stations to support Art 320A Animation and Art 320C Experimental Media classes. Part of the Student Tech Fee fund will be utilized to upgrade the animation classroom with new computers, animation equipment, and animation programs. Upgrading the technology would allow us to teach animation, motion graphics and new media much more effectively, and more in line with industry standards.
  • Create a public/departmental display venue: another part of the STF fund will be used to acquire a large display monitor installed on the wall, in the main lobby area of the Art Building. This permanently installed monitor will feature the animations, motion-graphics and new-media works by students in Art 320A Animation and Art 320c Experimental Media. The monitor would also be able to support digital projects produced in our Communication Design program and other digital imaging courses such as Art 103 Creative Technology and Art/IMS 215 3D Digital Sculpting.

Hence, this proposal will have a direct impact on 36 (12-18 students per semester), and an indirect impact on all those in the Department of Art, as the screen-based/time-based project classes will have a public venue available in the departments, as do all our other studio and design courses.

How would you describe the innovation and/or the significance of your project:

  • Increase enrollment cap: larger space with 6 animation stations can elevate the class enrollment cap from 14 students to 18 students per semester.
  • Full use of 2D animation and motion graphic programs: new iMac Pro desktops with faster processors and graphic cards students will have quality learning experience of industry standard digital animation programs without delays, sudden program crashes, and low resolutions.
  • Enriched and expanded course content: Newly expanded facility and upgraded technology will provide platform for advanced animation programs such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe After Effects, and Premiere. Also, it will open up possibility to incorporate 3D digital animation programs like Autodesk Maya and Blender. These programs will play critical role in preparing students with advanced knowledge and skills in animation and engaging in experimental front such as content development for outdoor projection mapping projects.
  • Possible curricular expansion of animation: renewed and fully equipped animation studio will open possibility to create a new course, Animation 2. While Animation 1 (currently offered as Art320A Animation) offers introduction to 2D/3D stop motion, digital 2D animation, motion graphics, and editing, Animation 2 class can provide advanced animation techniques, 3D digital animation process, and independent animation project development opportunity for the students.
  • Possible 2D Media Studies Minor in Animation: with two animation classes, students will be able to pursue 2D Media Studies Minor in Animation.

How will you assess the success of the project: Success of proposed facility upgrading will be assessed through:

  • Course content and curriculum innovation
  • Students’ projects showcased through monitor
  • Course evaluation
  • Increase in course enrollment

Total Amount Requested: $58,755

Budget Details:

Minimum budget:

  • 1 Display Monitor (Samsung 75"): $1,491
  • Display monitor installation parts and labor: $2,630
  • 6 iMac Pro: $27,000
  • 6 Wacom Cintiq Pro 13": $4,800
  • 3 Canon DSLR EOS Rebel T5i: $1,620
  • Toon Boom Harmony Advanced - 3 years of subscription of 6 licenses : $1,944
  • Adobe CC - 3 years of subscription of 6 licenses: $3,274

Total minimum: $42,759

Maximum budget:

  • 1 Display Monitor (Panasonic 70"): $4,181
  • Display monitor installation parts and labor: $4,008
  • 6 iMac Pro: $27,000
  • 6 Wacom Cintiq Pro 24": $15,000
  • 3 Canon DSLR EOS Rebel T5i: $1,620
  • Toon Boom Harmony Premium - 3 years of subscription of 6 licenses : $3,672
  • Adobe CC - 3 years of subscription of 6 licenses: $3,274

Total maximum: $58,755

Is this a multi-year request: Yes

Justification for multi-year request: Toon Boom Harmony educational pricing for Advanced version is $9/mo; Premium version is $17/mo. Educational pricing for yearly subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud is $181.90 We need 6 Toon Boom subscriptions and 6 Adobe CC. I would like to request STF fund to cover the first 3 years of subscriptions.

Length of multi-year request: 3

Spending plan for multi-year request: First year will spend $42,274-$57,118 for display monitor, iMacPro, Wacom Cintiq, Canon DSLR camera, Logic Pro X, and first year subscription of Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe CC.

The expenses for the second and third year will be the yearly subscriptions for Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe CC. $1,740-$2,320 per year.

Please address how, if at all, this project impacts any of Miami's BCSAE, 2020, or divisional plans: In line with the Miami 2020 unifying goal, the classroom setting with current technology will fosters a vibrant learning and discovery environment that will result in exceptional learning outcomes. The revised and enriched course content will combine individual and collaborative projects that promotes creativity, critical thinking, efficient problem solving, and diverse ideas and perspectives. Our students will be prepared with competitive skills, knowledge, and experience as visual artists, designers, and animators.

The display monitor will serve as an essential public exhibition venue for time-based and/or screen-based student projects. Also, it will serve as an electronic portal to feature outstanding art students’ works from all concentrations and levels; inform current and prospective students about animation and other courses that offer various approaches to time-based art; and display major departmental events and workshops that inspire and engage students as active members of the Miami art community.