Technology Fee Final Report

Part of the tech fee process is a final report that is required to be submitted for all projects and/or divisional allocations. The report should focus on how the funding was used and the impact on students.

Final reports for Competitive Proposal Awards are due within 60 days of project completion or no later than June 1 (for awards made in FY2018 or earlier) and August 1 (for awards made in FY2019 or later) of the award year. If a project is not complete by the deadline date, an interim report must be filed, followed by a final report once the project ends.

Final reports for the Divisional Allocations are due no later than August 1 of the following fiscal year. This report should compare planned to actual spending. It should call out any/all funding specifically in support of graduate education or student life as well.

Tech Fee Final Report Form