III. Completing the Test Scoring Request Form

NOTE: In order to determine if a student is enrolled in a class, the course name and number must be entered as it appears in the course catalog. For this reason, on the test scoring request form the course name and number must be written correctly in the area of department, course number and course modifier (if applicable). For example, if the course is Zoology 111, print ZOO 111 on the request form. If the course has a modifier, the modifier is also required.

Please do not list section letters. For instance, ZOO 111.H, section A, would be listed only as ZOO 111.H.

Item and Description

  1. Instructor's Name: Name of the instructor giving the test.
  2. Phone: Telephone number where the instructor may be reached.
  3. Instructor's UniqueID: The alphanumeric identifier used to log in to most Miami systems. Test results are linked to this identifier.
  4. Number of answer sheets: An approximate number of answer sheets turned in to be processed through the scanner.
  5. Department and Course Number: Department and course number of test to be scored.
  6. Course Modifier (if applicable): Differentiates one course from another with the same course number. (Example: BIO115H is an Honors Cluster Course and CHM111L is a Lab Course.)
  7. Title to be printed on test scoring results: Title line that will print on each page of the output. (EX. 1st Semester Final 2015-16.)8 Contact person (if other than
  8. Contact person (if other than instructor): Contact person if someone other than the instructor is to be notified when the test scoring is completed.
  9. Phone: Telephone number where the contact person may be reached.
  10. Is scramble used?: To score several forms of one test simultaneously a scramble is used.
  11. If Yes, number of forms (including key): A scramble is used to score several forms of one test simultaneously. The scramble is a correspondence table between a master test and various forms. Up to 4 scrambles can be used for one test. (The key is always form 1.)
  12. Question Types/Number of Questions: Total number of True/False, 5-Choice, and 10-Choice questions included in the test. For additional information see General Guidelines.
  13. TOTAL QUESTIONS: Total number of all questions on the test. (150 maximum)
  14. Penalty Fraction per Question Type: Used to discourage student from guessing. It is recommended that you don't use penalty fraction unless you have announced this in class prior to the test.
  15. Separate section listing?: If a course has more than one section this will give you a printout of all sections A-Z, plus a separate A-Z printout for each section.
  16. Individual Student Printout?: One page printout for each student, listing the right and wrong answer for each that was answered incorrectly or left blank.
  17. Electronic Individual Responses (Raw Data)?: A file of the raw data (as the scanner reads it from the answer sheet).
  18. Emailed Test Results for computerized Gradebooks?: A copy of the results in digital format for computerized gradebooks.

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