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Innovation Teaching, Global Reach

Miami University was founded in 1809 on the belief that a liberal education provides the best possible experience for life in a changing world. “Liberal,” from the Latin liberalis, means “free” - the kind of education that free and democratic citizens should attain.  Miami’s emphasis on global and innovative liberal education continues and is now referred to as the Miami Plan (MP). 

The Miami Plan enhances specialized studies in any major or professional field and provides contexts for exploring social, academic, political, and professional choices. The MP empowers students to creatively transform the future with the tools to question assumptions, design solutions, exchange views with others, and become better global citizens.

All students entering Miami in Fall 2023 or later participate in the new Miami Plan for Liberal Education.

Signature Inquiries: Courses with Impact

Miami’s new Signature Inquiries offer valuable opportunities for both faculty and students. Signature Inquiries are cutting-edge courses designed around issues and concerns crucial for any job or profession in today’s world. They strategically combine active learning, interdisciplinary collaborations, and engaged study that lead to deep learning through solution-based inquiry.

Signature Inquiries are an ongoing initative, and courses will be developed, assessed, and improved on a continuing basis. They are organized around 5 major topic areas that speak to Miami’s strengths and opportunities: Global Health and Wellness; Power, Justice, and Social Change; Sustainability and Resilience; Technology, Information, and Society; and Creativity, Storytelling and Design.

Departments and faculty interested in developing Signature Inquiry courses should prioritize course design and assessment of learning outcomes. Check out these comprehensive resources from the Office of Liberal Education to help faculty and departments design Signature Inquiries and engage their unique “curricular ecologies.”

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Sustainability & Environmental Justice

Miami University's Focus Initiative 2024-2024 theme is “Environmental Justice.” The FOCUS initiative is teaming up with the 2023-2024 John W. Altman Program in the Humanities. Together, we will bring a myriad of speakers to campus and sponsoring events through which we can learn about the issues, problems, and solutions associated with environmental justice. The speakers comprise professors, activists, writers, and artists covering topics

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Miami’s new Signature Inquiry courses in the topic area of Sustainability & Resilience  investigate how resources—whether natural, scientific, technological, ecological, creative, educational, artistic, historic, or sociocultural—have been and can be sustained, engineered, and deployed to meet the needs of current and future generations

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