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Recommendations related to all campuses
Recommendation Update Status Completion Date
#1: Develop and prioritize a broad communication strategy pertaining to mental health and emotional well-being efforts across all campuses, to be overseen by the Standing Committee on Well-being.  The committee is designing an extensive website with a navigator /filter function that will serve as a user-friendly repository of all mental health and well-being resources. In process Estimated summer 2024
#2: Utilize Miami Matters, social media, and other outlets to regularly push out wellness related messages and education and to promote the things that Miami is doing well related to mental health. Make our culture of care more visible. Not yet started
#3: Coordinate a calendar of wellness messaging to campus that follows the flow of the academic calendar and the stressors that are associated with it. The committee created a draft of a calendar in fall 2023 and will finalize versions of the calendar for both internal and external use. In process Estimated summer 2024
#4: Periodically solicit the input of community partners to bolster community partnerships on wellness initiatives. Not yet started


Recommendations related to students
Recommendation Update Status Completion Date
#1: Improve communication regarding access to student counseling services to build trust and confidence with students, perhaps utilizing social media and FAQs. Not yet started
#2: Increase the promotion of standing programs and services, for example CARE Team, HOPE Line, Wellness Navigator, Togetherall app, Health and Wellness Funds, Trainings These efforts are currently being explored by OSW and SCS through a SAMHSA Suicide Prevention grant and through funds supported by the HRSA grant. In process Estimated fall 2024
#3: Review and communicate the Students of Concern process: Do people understand it and what happens next? How are students assessed? Who is appropriate to refer and who is not? Consider creating a video explaining the work of the Care Team. The Office of the Dean of Students expanded use of the Students of Concern process in fall 2023. A new website has been created and will be marketed in spring 2024. In process Estimated spring 2024
#4: Explore opportunities to explain the role and function of MUPD during times of crisis to build trust and reduce anxiety. Not yet started


Recommendations related to faculty and staff
Recommendation Update Status Completion Date
#1: Better advertise the range of services available through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program, and make that more prominent and easy to find on the website. The new mental health and well-being website will include extensive resources for faculty and staff, including EAP.  In process Estimated summer 2024
#2: Highlight exemplar efforts that departments and divisions have implemented related to mental health and well-being. Not yet started

Updated January 29, 2024.