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IT Resources for Student Organizations

IT services offer essential technological support to student organizations, ensuring seamless operations, effective communication, and the ability to access entity accounts, email communication, and listservs. Member(s) of the student organization must be listed as an officer on The Hub to access the following services. 

My Hub Mobile Event Pass

MyHub Mobile Event Pass makes attendance tracking easier than ever. One of the benefits of the system is that you don’t have to keep track of card swiping hardware. The system uses smart phones to complete the process. The simple setup requires two main components: an event pass for attending users and the mobile app to scan passes.

The event pass is similar to a mobile boarding pass. It’s unique to each user and it’s tied to their Hub account. Users DO NOT need to download an app to be checked in; only administrators who are checking users in are required to have the app.

Find Your Event Pass

Each Miami student is automatically assigned a unique QR Code. You can find your code through The Hub  by logging in and selecting your name (Event Pass is the first option) or loading Corq the official mobile app for The Hub, and selecting your profile. 

You can save this pass to Apple Wallet (and soon Android Pay) or just pull it up to check in at events. Late Night Miami, MAP, and many other organizations will be using this to track attendance at meetings and events, so make sure you know how to find your event pass and have it accessible on your phone!

You can also view a more detailed tutorial on how to find your event pass.

Check People In

You will need the app on your phone to check people in to an event. View detailed instructions on how to use this feature

Student Organization Website Requests

While all registered student organizations have a page on The Hub, Miami now offers free Miami WordPress accounts as well. Here are some reasons these accounts are a better alternative to using an external website builder:

  • No expense; accounts are totally free
  • Sites are indexed by the university website's search engine, making your content more discoverable
  • No more risk of losing access to your website when past leadership fails to pass on administrative rights to the site

Request a Wordpress Site, using your entity account as the organization contact.

Student Activities

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