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With over 600 student organizations at Miami University, there are so many opportunities to get involved during your college experience. By joining an organization, students can become active members and make a difference on campus, as well as in surrounding communities. Getting involved offers a broader educational experience by providing leadership opportunities and engaging programs and events to students throughout the academic year.

Check out the Hub for a full listing of all student organizations and sponsored events!

Meet with a SEAL Ambassador to get connected with an organization that may match your interest or passion.

Learn more about Mega Fair to discover which student organizations may be a good fit for you!

Affiliated and Departmental Organizations

Affiliated organizations are organizations that are affiliated with various departments and divisions at Miami. These organizations serve as extensions of their sponsoring departments and divisions. They are typically advised and supported by the department or division and help promote the mission of the program. An example would be the SEAL Ambassadors, an organization affiliated with our office. SEAL Ambassadors help students get involved on campus and promote strategic involvement.

Several departments across campus also work with a large number of organizations that, while they are not affiliated, are in some way related to that department or division. An example of this would be that while the Society of Women Engineers helps student engineers in a number of ways, they are not directly affiliated with the College of Engineering and Computing.

Affiliated Student Organizations

SEAL Ambassadors

student learning information about a student organization

Do you have questions about your student organization? Do you want to get ahead on Red Brick Rewards Tracking? Are you interested in starting a new organization, but do not know where to start?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above - or any other topic related to student organizations or involvement at Miami - the Office of Student Activities has several SEAL Ambassadors (peer mentors) available to help students find their place at Miami and to help student organizations make the Miami undergraduate experience the best in the nation.

Find Your Place

SEAL Ambassadors are available to assist students looking for a way to become involve during their college career and to help students find their place at Miami University. The SEAL Ambassadors will meet with students to discuss interests, major, high school involvement, and more as they explore opportunities of campus involvement. Additionally, the SEAL Ambassadors will show students how to maximize the "interest matching features" of The Hub to find organizations and events that may interest them.

New Student Organizations

Students wishing to start a new student organization are required to meet with a SEAL Ambassador to make sure they are prepared to create a sustainable organization. During this meeting, the SEAL Ambassador and student(s) will discuss the requirements to start a new organization, plans to make the organization sustainable, and much more. Be sure to visit the start a new student organization page for additional information; then schedule a meeting with a SEAL Ambassador as soon as possible.

Student Organization Assistance

Student organizations do a lot on Miami's campus. Our SEAL Ambassadors are here to help! Whether you need help filling in forms on the Hub, reserving rooms, getting marketing ideas for your event, or anything else, the SEAL Ambassadors are here to help make your student organization GREAT!

Involvement Presentations

Are you looking for someone to speak on the importance of campus involvement? Our SEAL Ambassadors are available to present various topics to academic classes, departments, residence halls, student organizations, etc. SEAL Ambassadors can discuss the benefits of campus involvement such as meeting other students with same interests, service opportunities, networking, resume building, and much more. 

Interested in Becoming a SEAL Ambassador?

The goal of the SEAL Ambassador is to support and enhance leadership in our student organizations and fraternity and sorority community. The SEAL Ambassador will report to the Assistant Director for Student Organizations in the Center for Student Engagement, Activities, and Leadership. Preference will be given to those applicants who are involved on campus and aware of the purpose of student organizations and involvement on campus.

Meet a SEAL Ambassador

Mega Fair

With so many options available for involvement, you may find yourself overwhelmed learning about your choices. To discover which student organization may be a good fit, make plans to attend Mega Fair to find your place at Miami!

wide view of a crowd of students attending mega fair2024 Mega Fair

Fall 2024 date to be announced soon!

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