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Student Organization Resources

The Center for Student Engagement, Activities, and Leadership is a dedicated partner in the growth and prosperity of the student organization community at Miami University. We understand that student organizations are the heartbeat of campus life, driving positive change, cultivating leadership skills, and creating a sense of belonging.

How We Support Organizations

Red Brick Rewards

We provide a platform for student organizations at Miami University to access resources, funding, and recognition for their impactful initiatives. By offering incentives and support, we empower these organizations to thrive and make meaningful contributions to campus life.

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Consultation and Advising

Need guidance on organizational strategies, event planning, or member engagement? Our experts are ready to listen, advise, and collaborate to ensure your organization's initiatives are well-informed and effective. As you are planning events, you might also find these event planning resources helpful. 


Workshops and Trainings

Attend our tailored workshops and training sessions designed to enhance your leadership, communication, and project management skills. These valuable insights will benefit you not only as a student leader but also in your future endeavors.


Resource Library

Access templates, guidelines, and best practices that have been curated to streamline your administrative processes. Spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time driving meaningful change.

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Funding and Financial Process

We recognize that financial resources are crucial for bringing your organization's ideas to life. Treasurers should explore our guides on how to submit requisitions and spend money.

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Event Planning

From logistical support to promotional strategies, we equip organizations with the necessary resources to bring their ideas to life and engage the campus community effectively.

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Event Promotion

Let the world know about your organization's events and activities. Leverage our marketing support by registering your event on the Hub to effectively promote your initiatives and reach a wider audience.


Advisor Support

Our office provides dedicated support for student organization advisors, offering tailored resources, training, and guidance to empower them in their vital role of mentoring and shaping the next generation of student leaders while navigating university policies and procedures.


Policy Support

We assist student organizations at Miami University in understanding and adhering to campus policies, ensuring compliance and smooth operation. By offering guidance and clarification on relevant regulations, we empower organizations to navigate administrative processes confidently and focus on their mission-driven activities.

Student Activities

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