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Start a New Student Organization

All new student organization requests are processed through The Hub. During the approval process, a member of the new student organization will meet with a SEAL Ambassador (peer mentor from the Center for Student Engagement, Activities, and Leadership) and complete all steps listed below (in proper order) prior to final approval. Once approved, new student organizations will receive recognition from the Associated Student Government (ASG) and will have access to various university services.

Step One: SEAL Ambassador Meeting

Set up and attend a meeting with a SEAL Ambassador to discuss your student organization. To set up a meeting, please use this scheduling link to book an appointment that fits your schedule. If you have issues with this booking website, email The following questions will be discussed during this meeting:

  • How will this new student organization contribute to the mission of Miami University?
  • What student organizations are similar to this one? What makes this student organization distinct?
  • How will this student organization meet students' needs that are currently not met at Miami University?
  • How will this student organization attract students to join?
  • How do you plan to develop leadership within this student organization?
  • How do you plan to sustain the student organization?
  • What was the inspiration to create this student organization?

In addition to these questions, meetings with SEAL Ambassadors will cover the purpose and importance of student organizations, expectations of student organizations, policies related to student organizations (diversity, hazing, exclusion, academic standing), the requirements of the application process, and various resources and services available to student organizations.

Step Two: Constitution Review

A constitution must contain the following (be sure to view the guidelines for creating accessible documents)

  • The official name of the student organization on the first page of the constitution.
  • Date established - listed on the first page of the constitution.
  • The student organization's mission statement - or description of the purpose of the group.
  • Titles, requirements, and functions of officers.
  • Procedures to elect officers.
  • Members of this student organization must be affiliated with Miami University (undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, or staff) and registered on The Hub.
  • Meeting and attendance requirements (if there are no attendance requirements, this must be stated).
  • Basis and procedures for expulsion of officers and members must be specified.
  • Financial obligations of members must be specified (if there are no financial requirements, this must be stated).
  • The source of income and/or funding must be stated. 
  • Non-discrimination and anti-hazing clause.

Note: If you would like a constitution template, please contact the SEAL Ambassadors at

Step Three: Attend a New Organization Training

Throughout the semester, New Student Organization Workshops are offered - one each month. These workshops highlight resources and services available to student organizations, as well as expectations to ensure groups are successful during their first few semesters on campus. Please visit SEAL Workshops to view this semester's New Student Organization/New Executive Workshops and other student organization workshops (some workshops fulfill Red Brick Rewards (RBR) requirements).

Step Four: Submit Application (limited time frame)

Fill out the "Register a New Organization" form under the Organizations section of The Hub. This application will only be accessible twice during each semester.

New Student Organization submissions for the 2023 Fall Semester must be made during the following windows: September 16 - 30, 2023, and November 1 - 15, 2023.

Submissions for the 2024 Spring Semester will be accepted from February 15 - 28, 2024, and April 1 - 15, 2024.

Please Note: All the other steps are accessible throughout the semester, but must be completed prior to the designated submission window for the applications.

Requirements of the online application include the following:

  • Basic information about student organization and best contact information for leadership team members.
  • An on-campus advisor (faculty or staff member). If you need assistance finding an advisor, the Center for Student Engagement, Activities, and Leadership may be able to help you.
  • A minimum of ten current student members.
  • A president and treasurer.
  • The constitution, which has been approved by SEAL Ambassadors, addressing the necessary components listed in Step Two.

Step Five: Application Review

SEAL Ambassadors review new student organizations' applications and provide feedback through the Hub until the online application meets requirements. Please allow at least two weeks for processing.

If the application is denied, students are encouraged to review the application, make necessary changes, and resubmit. If you have any questions, contact a SEAL Ambassador to discuss applications, errors, and other resources/services available to them. 

NOTE: To create a new student organization, students are expected to follow all the steps - as outlined above. If an application is received before completing the steps (in sequence), the application will be disregarded immediately.

Step Six: Move to Registered Student Organization Status

Once approved, student organizations will be marked as a “New Student Organization” in the Hub. During the first year of registration, new student organizations will have access to various campus services available to all registered student organizations.

New student organizations have one year to complete the requirements for the Red Brick Rewards (RBR) program for Tier 1. If an organization has not met the requirements for Tier 1 (uploading RBR forms), the student organization will be marked as “inactive.” To become “active” again, the student organization will be required to complete Steps 1-3 of the New Student Organization process.

If you have any questions, contact the SEAL Ambassadors at

Updated August 29, 2023

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