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The police working dog is used as an investigative tool to enhance the capabilities of the police officer. Due to their enhanced olfactory capabilities, the police canine can assist officers in locating suspects that flee or hide and evidence that may help in the investigation of a crime. Police canine teams may be trained to locate explosives, narcotics, accelerant's, cadavers or survivors of natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

In order to remain proficient, the team must train weekly in areas such as obedience, tracking, detection and apprehension. The team utilizes other officers in order to serve as decoys for the canine. Wearing protective clothing, the decoy can simulate any situation that may be faced in the field. The team also trains weekly on scent work, utilizing decoys to simulate fleeing suspects and all types of explosives for detection. The Miami Police Department Canine Unit serves the entire community as one of three explosives detection canine units in Butler County.

In 2021 due to the retirement of K-9 Figo, K-9 Leo took over the role of Explosives Detection Canine at Miami University. K-9 Leo is a German Shepherd trained and certified to locate explosives. He was born in Hungary and imported as a prospective working dog by Houston K9 Academy. During the “storm of 2021” in Texas Officer Hibbard travelled to Houston and tested available dogs at the kennel. Leo exhibited a high level of search drive and he was highly social making him the perfect candidate for our MUPD community. After returning from Houston Officer Hibbard and Leo attended Police K-9 school with other handlers in Cincinnati under the guidance of trainers from UCPD and HCSO. Leo completed training and has adjusted well to his new assignment at MUPD. 

Ptl. Hibbard and K-9 Leo primarily patrol Miami University in Oxford but are often called upon to assist other agencies. As one of three Explosives Detection K-9 team in Butler County they respond to call outs to assist the Butler County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad. In addition to assisting the Butler County Bomb Squad, Ptl. Hibbard and K-9 Leo are also assigned to the twelve county Tri-State region of SOSINK (Southern Ohio, Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky), and Urban Areas Security Initiative region designated by the Department of Homeland Security. As one of the Explosive Detection K-9 teams of SOSINK, the team deploys alongside other Explosive Detection K-9 teams of the region in response to explosive related incidents.

Call-outs and requests for assistance are handled through the Miami University Police Communications Center 24 hours a day at 513-529-2222. Questions about the canine unit, requests for demonstrations, or other information should be addressed to Ptl. K. Hibbard,, 513-529-0639.

In Memory of K-9

In loving memory of those who have served and protected. This gallery is dedicated to the service dogs of the Miami University Police Department's Canine Unit.


canine service dog figoIn 2013, Figo became the second canine to serve the Miami University Police Department upon the retirement of Ero. Figo took over the role of Explosives Detection Canine at Miami University. K-9 Figo is a Belgian Malinois that was trained to track fleeing suspects and missing persons and was also able to locate explosives. Although similar to the German Shephard dog in that they both are herding dogs, the Malinois have some distinct differences that benefit it for law enforcement duties. The Malinois is leaner and have a smaller build than that of a German Shepard allowing the Malinois to be more agile and faster. The Malinois also have an endless supply of energy allowing the dog to search for extended periods of time. The US Military have an extensive history of using the Malinois and many law enforcement agencies have in recent years began transitioning from the German Shepard to the Malinois.

Figo was born in Holland where he was selected by Vohne Liche Kennels to be a police service dog candidate. After successfully passing selection testing K-9 Figo was imported to the United States, purchased by the Department of Homeland Security, and ultimately partnered with Ptl. Hibbard. 

Figo retired from MUPD in November of 2020 and is enjoying his retirement at home with Hibbard.


canine service dog eroIn 2005, Ero became the first canine to serve the Miami University Police Department. Plt. Keith Hibbard began working with Ero in 2007. Ero was certified as a dual purpose canine, trained in patrol functions and explosives detection. The team was utilized for suspect apprehension, tracking, building and area searches as well as protective sweeps for events or bomb threats. Ero was born in Germany where he was bred for the specific purpose of serving as a police service canine. Through a series of tests, Ero was found to have the appropriate combination of drives and abilities to be successful canine. It is estimated that only one out of every one hundred German Shepard Dogs will be able to match the strict standards of the German National Police.

Ero retired from MUPD on October 21st, 2013 and passed away on January 13th, 2014.

Miami University Police Department

Dial 9-1-1 if you have an emergency. If you require immediate police assistance or wish to report a criminal offense, call the police dispatcher at 513-529-2222.

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