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Learn Your Reporting Options

Making a Report

You have three options for reporting. (Note: A Complainant may choose to make a report to both the University and to Law Enforcement at the same time.)

Report to the University

Anyone who feels that they have been the victim of prohibited conduct is encouraged to bring it to the attention of the appropriate University Title IX staff. They are empowered to provide supportive remedies and academic adjustments to all individuals involved in these situations and to protect the safety of the campus and community through these measures. You may want to report to the University for the following reasons:

  • The incident has negatively affected your academics or employment.
  • You have concerns about your safety or the safety of the campus community.
  • You wish to document the occurrence of an event but do not want to file a formal complaint or name the Respondent.
  • You want the University to pursue disciplinary action against the Respondent.
  • You want a "Mutual No Contact Directive" to be put into place between you and the Respondent.
  • You would like to be provided with support resources.

For information on how to report, see Reporting to the University.

Report to Law Enforcement

If you are seeking criminal penalties (such as incarceration or sex offender registration), you may file a report to the relevant law enforcement agency. Law enforcement can help individuals understand the process of obtaining orders of protection, restraining orders, or similar lawful orders issued by the courts.

For information on how to report, see Reporting to Law Enforcement.

Report Anonymously

You may report without sharing your name by using the electronic reporting form via EthicsPoint. Your report will be forwarded to the appropriate staff for review. Depending on the amount of information disclosed, the University's ability to investigate and respond to the report may be limited.

Mandatory Reporter

A mandatory reporter, also known as a “Responsible Employee,” is a MU employee who is required to report incidents when they become aware of an alleged Title IX violation, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, interpersonal violence, stalking, or retaliation are required to report it to the University Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator. For more information about this role and its responsibilities, see Mandatory Reporter.

For more information about this role and its responsibilities, see Mandatory Reporter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unsure about reporting?

Whether an incident occurred recently or in the past, help is still available. Resources are available even if an individual chooses not to file a formal complaint to the University or Law Enforcement. For information on confidential resources available, see the Resource Guide.

Can I report on behalf of someone else?

Anyone can report sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, sexual harassment, stalking, or related retaliation.