Get your tickets to a traveling circus of acrobats and wheels
Get your tickets to a traveling circus of acrobats and wheels

Acrobats, trapeze artists and contortionists perform on bikes

Five fun facts

  1. There are approximately 90 wheels on stage in Pedal Punk.
  2. The aerial Penny Farthing in Pedal Punk can also be used to ride on the ground. It is a real bike.
  3. Many of the bicycles in Pedal Punk were built from parts found in scrap yards. A great way to recycle and repurpose parts.
  4. The Gantry Bike featured in Pedal Punk as the Bike Shop is an original Cirque Mechanics apparatus and weighs 3,000 lbs. with artists on board, yet it can be pedaled by just two people.
  5. The Gantry Bike steers like a bulldozer or tank.

Source: Cirque Mechanics

Photo of acrobats on bikes.

You won't believe what they can do.

Cirque Mechanics, a traveling circus company, will perform “Pedal Punk” at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 13, in Millett Hall, as part of Miami University’s Performing Arts Series.

The show, called “the greatest contribution to the American circus since Cirque du Soleil” by Spectacle magazine, takes place in a factory where the workers are acrobats and the machines are circus props.

Performances include acrobats and tightrope walkers on the Gantry Bike, a pedal-powered apparatus. Also a contortionist performs on a turntable powered by unicyclists, and trapeze artists fly high thanks to the spins of an acrobat inside a giant gear-like wheel. Trampoline artists and clowns also perform.

Cirque Mechanics was founded in 2004 and celebrates American ingenuity.

Tickets are $12 for students and youth, $23 for seniors and $24 for adults. They can be purchased at Miami’s box office (129 Campus Avenue Building) or by calling (513) 529-3200.

The performance is sponsored by Kona Bistro.