Institutional Data

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness serves as a resource for data about the university, including data related to Admissions, Degrees Awarded, Enrollments, Faculty and Staff, Finances, Graduation and Retention Rates, and Tuition and Financial Aid, among others. Institutional Research is responsible for official reporting of university data to external bodies, such as the federal government (IPEDS) and the state (HEI reporting), as well as for using these data to support the university’s planning and decision-making processes.

University at a Glance

A brief profile of the most recent information about the university’s students, faculty and staff.

Common Data Set

The CDS is used to provide data for college guidebooks, rankings (e.g., U.S. News rankings), and other external requests. Restricted to the Oxford campus, the CDS provides limited data related to: Admissions, Degrees, Enrollment, Faculty & Class Size, Graduation & Retention, Tuition & Financial Aid, Academic Offerings, and Student Life.

Fact Book

A comprehensive source of information about the university, including a wide variety of current and historical data for all campuses.