Student Employment

Miami is committed to employing students because they are valuable part-time employees who make significant contributions to campus operations. Working on campus will not only provide income; it will foster responsibility, encourage you to budget your time wisely, and offer opportunities for learning and skill development. Students who choose to work on campus appreciate the convenience of job locations and the opportunity to become better acquainted with faculty and staff. They also like the fact that university employers are understanding and flexible about academic demands.

There are two types of student employment at Miami University, Federal Work-Study and regular wage employment. Job classifications and wage rates are the same for each, but they are financed differently. You can review and apply for open positions on Student Employment’s website.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a federal financial aid program that is based on financial need gathered from information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Many departments prefer to hire work-study students since a portion of the employee’s wage is drawn from federal funds. Currently, federal funds contribute 65% of the student’s wages and the employing department pays the remaining 35%. Miami receives a limited amount of funding each year for work-study. If you filed the FAFSA by Miami’s priority deadline, indicated an interest in work-study on the FAFSA, and are eligible, your award package may include work-study. Federal Work-Study earnings are not credited to your Bursar account. Instead, you will receive a biweekly paycheck. If you were awarded work-study, you will have more job opportunities available. In addition, the work-study funds you earn won’t be calculated in the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on the upcoming year’s FAFSA.

If you submitted the FAFSA and are not sure whether you are eligible for work-study, inquire at the One Stop (513-529-0001 or

Regular Wage Employment

Regular wage employment is for students who want to work on campus but who are ineligible for Federal Work-Study. Employing departments pay 100% of the student’s wages.

Comparison of Federal Work-Study and Regular Wage Employment
FAQs Federal Work-Study Regular Wage Employment
(Non Work-Study)
How much do I earn? Average award is $2,500 Based on your hourly rate and number of work hours
Who is eligible? Undergraduate U.S. citizens or permanent residents demonstrating financial need All undergraduate students
How do I apply? Submit the FAFSA indicating your interest in Federal Work-Study by Miami’s priority deadline.

Review and apply for open positions online.
Review and apply for open positions online.

The Department of Human Resources, 15 Roudebush Hall, coordinates all student employment. Prior to working, please review the Student Employee Toolkit regarding the policies and guidelines of employment.