529 College Savings Plans

Students can use 529 College Savings Plans to pay their tuition for qualified higher education expenses. Qualified education expenses include tuition and fees, room and board, book supplies, and technology items.

Tuition is a qualified expense for students attending half time or more. For students attending half time or more, room and board directly paid to the University is a qualified expense. Room and board paid to a landlord (off-campus housing) can qualify up to the amount of the University’s room and board estimates for your cohort. Students are encouraged to refer to IRS Publication 970 that provides further guidance on these qualified expenses in addition to eligible book supplies and technology item expenses.

To begin this process, the account holder must notify the 529 Plan administrator of the intent to access available funds. The 529 Plan administrator then transfers the requested funds to the University for that term. If the 529 Plan funds do not cover the entire balance, the student will be expected to pay the remaining amount due by the published date. Students may continue to receive reminders of their outstanding bills prior to receipt of the 529 payment.

Students should notify Miami University regarding funds that will be sent from a 529 Plan by completing the 529 College Savings Plan & Trust form. This notification also requires accompanying documentation. Students should report expected payment prior to the date the semester bill is due. Please note, only students can log in and report the 529 payment. Authorized viewers should encourage their students to login and register their 529 payments.