Understand Your Bill

How You Are Billed

All billing is delivered electronically. You will receive an email notifying you of your balance due. Current students, faculty, and staff will receive this email at their Miami University email address. Authorized viewers will receive the email at the email address provided by the student. The billing schedule and due dates are shown below. You will receive this notification in mid-July for your fall semester invoice and early December for your winter/spring semester invoice.The invoice will include any previous billed balance, new charges and payments since your last invoice, and anticipated credits including Miami University aid awarded and finalized, as well as any payment plan payments we expect to receive on your behalf. Finalized aid is aid for which you have met all requirements, including entrance counseling, promissory notes, and appropriate credit hour enrollment. Federal Work Study is excluded because it will not be applied directly to your bursar account.

Viewing the Bill

Students and family members or other individuals who have been authorized to view account information can do so on the Student Account Center. Family members and authorized viewers can access their student's account information through the "Families" tab.

A paper invoice will not be mailed to you. For payment options and questions concerning your bill, contact the One Stop.

How to avoid late fees and potential class cancellation

You are responsible for paying your total balance due by the due date. Late payments are subject to a late fee and class cancellation. To avoid late fees and potential class cancellation:

  • Make sure your account shows a zero balance or a credit balance due (indicated by parentheses).
  • Check your account balance after making registration changes. If you register for courses after the due date, your payment is due upon registration.
  • Ensure that your financial aid is finalized and that you have met all requirements. Please note that enrollment changes can impact financial aid.
  • Make payment plan payments on time (if applicable).

Other Charges

Semester Invoices identify all University charges for the semester (tuition and fees, and room and board, if applicable). Other charges may also appear on invoice (for example, telephone tolls, health center charges, or charges from previous terms of enrollment). These are called "authorized allowable charges." By signing the Authorization of Charges form, you agree to allow Miami University to use Federal Title IV Financial Aid (if available to individual student) to pay these authorized allowable charges.