Independent Work

Independent Study

Students requesting to conduct independent work must complete the student information section of the Independent Study Permit form after discussing the specific requirements, including credit hours, with the instructor of record. Students can register for one to five hours of independent work each semester (no more than 10 hours per year). Registration for each course is in accordance with the level of instruction.

The Independent Study Permit form must be received by the Office of the University Registrar or the One Stop on the student’s campus with the signature of the faculty member and the department chair by the independent work deadline published on Miami University’s academic calendar.

Students should check their schedule in Banner Self Service to ensure their course has been added after the completed form has been submitted.


An internship is an opportunity that combines learning with work and offers a unique experience for career exploration. For more information about how to request an internship be documented and/or awarded academic credit, visit the Internships page on the Center for Career Exploration and Success’s website.