Procedure for Vacating a Laboratory

The following actions should take place prior to the departure of a laboratory worker (faculty, staff, or student) from any chemical laboratory where that worker procured, developed, used, or stored chemicals:

  1. Review and update the chemical inventory.
  2. Identify and label unknown chemicals.
  3. Identify chemicals that are suspected to be, have become, or may become unstable because of age or container integrity.
  4. Coordinate with Environmental Health and Safety Offices (EHSO) for the disposal of chemicals that are declared unwanted or unstable.

A Chemical Safety Checklist can be filled out to assist with the review and inventory process. If any chemicals are found that need to be disposed of, fill out a Waste Pickup Request. 


  • Department chairs or directors should institute this procedure as safety policy within the department and ensure that the objective is met prior to a laboratory worker leaving departmental service by securing a completed Chemical Safety Checklist.
  • Faculty researchers or staff managers responsible for one or more laboratories shall inform a laboratory worker of this procedure and require a completed checklist be submitted at least 30 days prior to a laboratory worker’s departure. If the faculty researcher or staff manager is the laboratory worker leaving, the checklist shall be submitted to the chair or director.
  • EHSO shall assist the department in the safe and proper removal of all chemicals offered for disposal. A Chemical Waste Pickup form can be filled out to request EHSO's services.