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University Communications & Marketing (UCM) works collaboratively to steward and advance Miami’s brand, expanding awareness and support for the university’s mission. Using data-driven strategies, UCM provides marketing and communications expertise across multiple platforms, earned, owned and paid, to share information that builds audience engagement, enhances Miami’s visibility and reputation, and increases revenue streams.

UCM is responsible for developing and maintaining University brand standards, protocol, content and design, and works with campus partners to maintain a consistent appearance and tone for all University-branded materials. All marketing and communications materials intended for on and/or off-campus distribution must be reviewed and approved by UCM.

The division provides support for the production of external and internal news, print, web, social, email, photo, and video projects that align with the university’s goals and initiatives. For all projects, sufficient notice is required to allow time for scheduling and preparation.

Marketing Content and Design

In support of University partners and strategic initiatives, UCM coordinates the creation of marketing and communications materials across multiple platforms. UCM is responsible for maintaining the University’s design, content, and material production standards, outlined in University’s brand standards manual, and provides, creative and strategic counsel, training and support.

Projects that do not clearly align with the University’s goals and initiatives are subject to resource availability. A list of resources is available on the UCM Resources page, providing cost-efficient, preferred external vendors for projects that cannot be assigned in-house.

UCM collects and maintains the University’s digital photo and video assets, and provides them for use through several online resources available to employees, including Photoshelter, a digital asset management tool that requires simple registration. Photo and video requests must be made through the online forms found under UCM’s Resources and Tools.

University partners may request UCM assistance with the creation of marketing and communications strategies and appropriate tactical executions/materials. All project requests to UCM must be made through the online forms found under UCM’s Resources and Tools. Sufficient notice is required to allow time for scheduling and preparation.

Web and Digital Communications

UCM administers the University’s overall digital presence, including the University’s website,, and official and/or branded social media accounts. The division provides day-to-day management of the homepage and administrative/top tier pages, and overarching social media accounts.

UCM is primarily responsible for University web standards, protocol, content and design, and works with campus areas to build web pages, train staff, and manage pages. The University’s website is organized through a Content Management System (CMS). All division, department, and unit pages will be part of the University’s CMS and will be expected to comply with design standards, templates, training, content accessibility, security, and publishing according to the policies and guidelines found in the University’s brand standards manual, the policy on responsible computing, and the policy on accessible technology.

Social Media Communications

UCM has oversight of all of Miami University’s official and/or branded social media accounts, and manages the University’s overarching Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Flickr, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts. UCM also provides strategic counsel, training, and resources related to managing social media accounts.

All who manage University social media accounts, or have access to publish or edit content on behalf of the University, must maintain the procedural, visual and messaging standards established in the University’s brand standards manual. Each University-branded social media account should be registered with UCM, and have no less than two full-time staff member account administrators. Access to all University social media accounts including usernames and passwords and top-level administrative privileges must be supplied to UCM, and the creation of new University social media accounts must be approved by the University’s social media manager.

User comments and posts should not be removed from University social media accounts unless they betray protected information; would generally be considered “spam” or off-topic; use libelous, profane or hateful language; or are otherwise illegal. Any questions or concerns about social media content should be directed to UCM.

All University colleges, programs, departments, divisions and business units must use official, UCM-supplied Miami University social media profile imagery on University social media accounts to provide a visual connection with the university; differentiate them from competing, unofficial or fake accounts; and establish uniform quality, credibility and user experiences.

University social media account managers are strongly encouraged to join the Communicators’ Forum Social Media Subgroup to remain current with University social media standards. Policies, requirements and guidelines for Miami’s social media accounts can be found in the University’s brand standards manual.

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