Rights and Responsibilities of the Instructional Staff RSS Feed

Principles of Academic Freedom
This policy elaborates the principles of academic freedom.
Academic Freedom
This policy grants academic freedom to instructional staff in research and teaching.
Professional Ethics and Responsibilities
This policy establishes the standards of professional ethics and responsibilities for instructional staff.
Statement of Good Teaching Practices
This policy requires instructional staff to follow the good teaching practices described in the policy.
Statement of Essential Teaching Practices
Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?  Instructional Staff Policy Every instructor is responsible for creating an informative syllabus and organizing an effective, equitable, and inclusive learning environment by: Providing a written syllabus to students on the first day of the course, inluding but not limited to learning outcomes class atte
Student Complaints About the Quality of Instruction
This policy governs the process for handling student complaints about instructors and the quality of instruction.
Teaching Load
This policy requires academic divisions and departments to establish faculty work load policies.
Office Hours for Instructional Staff
This policy requires all instructional staff to maintain office hours.
This policy governs faculty advising responsibilities.
Attendance and Absence of Instructional Staff
This policy governs the attendance and absence of the instructional staff. The policy requires instructional staff to meet all scheduled class engagements for the entire period and provides the process for absences.
Arranging Employment Interviews for Students
This policy directs faculty and staff to refer employers wishing to recruit students for internships or employment to the Center for Career Exploration and Success.