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Flexible Work Arrangements
Scope Unclassified Staff The University recognizes the growing demands on staff and the increasing challenges of finding new and better ways to provide service and meet the University’s goals and expectations. Workplace flexibility is a strategy for using resources to provide the best environment for supporting staff while meeting the Univer
Infectious Disease
This policy governs the University's response to a public health emergency that poses a threat to the health or safety of the University community and authorizes the president to take such actions as are appropriate to protect the health and safety of students and staff.
Files on Employees
This policy governs employee personnel files; permits employees to inspect their personnel files; and provides a process for disputing information contained in the personnel file.
Public Records Policy
This policy governs the process for making and responding to public record requests. In order to facilitate prompt compliance with the Ohio Public Records Act (Ohio Revised Code 149.43), all persons seeking to inspect or obtain copies of University records are expected to comply with this policy. This policy does not apply to the use of records for official University business by authorized individuals or to persons who desire to inspect or obtain copies of their own records.
Out of State Employment
This policy requires authorization to establish a position where the primary work location will be outside of the State of Ohio. it also governs the process for recruiting and hiring for that position.
Confidential Information Policy
This policy identifies and governs the use of confidential information in University business. It requires employees to report any suspected disclosure of confidential information to unauthorized persons to the Information Security Officer. Employees must call 529-9252 immediately to report any suspected unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.
This policy asks employees for 90 days advance written notice of retirement. The University has no mandatory retirement age.