Frequently Asked Questions

What will change?

When selecting “Order Printing,” employees and students will be directed to log in (with unique ID and password) and then be routed to a new site run by Arnold Printing. This interface will appear different with some new options and categories.

Why the change?

Miami’s contract with its current provider, Xerox, expired March 31, 2020. The new service through Arnold Printing is being created now. Once the site is complete, it will offer a robust template system in a Web to Print environment while continuing to allow a file upload option for already designed projects.

When will it change?

The switch to the new portal began at the end of March, 2020. A 3-tier implementation phase for services is currently in the works.

  • In Phase 1, service remains much the same as it is now, with limited ability to upload files and order printing.
  • Phase 2 will include stationery templates and potentially some other smaller items, such as postcards and posters.
  • Phase 3 will be a complete rollout including a full template system. The system is anticipated to be ready for training by Spring 2021.

How do I learn to use the new system?

For Phase 1, definitions and instructions to help navigate the new system will be provided. Also, live support will be provided through specified contact information. In Phases 2 & 3, training will be provided in labs on all campuses and support will continue to be available throughout the existence of the service.

How do I order printing and who do I contact with questions?

Miami’s printing portal is available at This site hosts information and links to assist with any printing needs you may have, including booklets, posters, course materials, and stationery, to name a few. Students and employees can also locate printers across campus via MUprint and learn more about Miami’s branding and logo standards. For any other questions or information, please email or call 513-529-6065 and a representative will help you.

I need something printed today. What are my options?

For jobs that you may need immediately (same day, etc.), will not be paid for with University funds, and do not contain the Miami University logo/brand elements, please consider using MUPrint, running your print job on your office multifunction device, or email your order directly to Oxford Copy Shop

If your print request will be paid using University/Student Organization funds or contains the Miami University logo or brand elements, please submit your print request via the Miami Printing Portal, and indicate that your request is urgent. You may email or call 513-529-6065 for additional assistance.

For Students:
For a print request that is black and white or color in 8.5x11/letter up to 11x17/tabloid size, a number of MUPrint devices (both black and white and color) are available on all campuses. For more information, see MUPrint Overview.

How do I schedule a meeting with someone to review my department/division/program printing needs?

For more detailed questions regarding your printing needs, or to learn more about the printing options available, please submit a Print Request Form and someone will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule an appointment. If your request is of a more important nature, you can email call 513-529-6065 for additional assistance.

How do I order business cards, letterhead, envelopes and other stationery?

University stationery items can be ordered online at any time via the printing portal. Product details and options are available within the site once you select “Order Printing.” You can also email or call 513-529-6065 for additional assistance.