Frequently Asked Questions

Printing Printing

What vendors will we be working with to get printing completed and how do I contact them or start a print job?

The Xerox Printing Portal will handle your print needs and will handle the management of your print job including: obtaining quotes, status updates, as well as invoicing & billing. 

I need something printed today and I need it quick. What are my options?

For jobs that you may need immediately (same day, etc.), will not be paid for with University funds, and do not contain the Miami University logo/brand elements, please consider using Pay4Print, running your print job on your office multifunction device, or email your order directly to Oxford Copy Shop

If your print request will be paid using University/Student Organization funds or contains the Miami University logo or brand elements, please submit your print request via the Xerox Printing Portal.

For Students:
For a print request that is black and white or color in 8.5x11/letter up to 11x17/tabloid size, a number of Pay4Print devices (both black and white and color) are available on all campuses. For more information, see Pay4Print Overview.

How do I schedule a meeting with someone from the Print Transition Team to review my department's future print needs?

For more detailed questions regarding your specific departments print needs, you can contact the Print Transition Coordinator via email or phone at 513-529-6065 to arrange a meeting with you individually or with a group from your department.

Where do I find information regarding Exam Test Scoring?

For information about test scoring, see Test Scoring Overview. You can also contact the IT Services Support Desk via email or phone at 513-529-7900.

Where can I get my passport photo taken?

Passport photos will be taken at the Global Initiatives Office located at 214 MacMillan Hall. Global Initiatives is open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Call 513-529-8600 x4 for more information.

How do I order business cards, letterhead, and envelopes?

University stationery items can be ordered online at any time. Your order will be shipped to the delivery location you enter during the checkout process. Product details and options are available within the site after you choose which logo you want to have on your stationary.

Order Stationery

Custom Orders

Custom orders are reserved for such items as 2-sided business cards with foreign language translations or multi-campus addresses, or items with long departmental names that do not fit the standard templates.

Order Custom Stationery »

How do I order Blue books, Scantron testing forms, or Miami pocket folders?

Beginning Monday, June 27, 2016, the items below can be purchased through the University Bookstore located in Shriver. To order please send an email to with your requested list of items along with the departmental index code and a delivery location. The Bookstore will deliver these items direct to the departments. The items come in the following quantities:

Blue Books 8-page

  • Per pack (100 books per pack)
  • Per case (20 packs per case/2000 books)

Blue Books 16-page

  • Per pack (50 books per pack)
  • Per case (20 packs per case/1000 books)

Scantron Testing Forms

  • Per pack (500 sheets per pack)
  • Per case (10 packs per case/5000 sheets)

Miami Pocket Folders

  • Per pack (20 folders per pack)
  • Per case (17 packs per case/340 folders)