Jennifer Pearson Yamashiro

Teaching Professor of Art History

Jennifer Yamashiro
Rentschler Hall 242
Johnston Hall 233


  • Ph.D. and MA, Indiana University
  • MA, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • BA, St. Olaf College

Jennifer Yamashiro has diverse experience in the arts as senior faculty, program director, non-profit executive director, and curator. Her versatility stems from her ability to organize events and materials, establish relationships with diverse constituencies, and build highly effective programs and frameworks that facilitate learning through community engagement and active learning practices. She has a demonstrated track record of creating opportunities for others, through grants, teaching, and service that contribute to the quality of life in the places she works and lives. 

Certificates & Training

  • Clifton Strengths Coach (Gallup)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion certificate (Miami University)
  • Indiana Community Institute Community Development Course (Ball State University)
  • Safe Zone Training 101 & Safe Zone Training 201 (Miami University)
  • Facilitative Leadership (Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, Purdue Extension)

Courses Recently Taught

  • ART 183: Images of America
  • ART 187: History of Western Art, Prehistoric to Gothic
  • ART 188: History of Western Art, Renaissance to Modern
  • ART 283: Modern America
  • ART 389: History of Photography
  • BIS 201: Introduction to Integrative Studies I
  • CMA 401: Community Arts Senior Capstone 
  • HON 181: Foundations of Engaged Learning
  • HON 190: Introduction to Honors Experiences (Topic: Literacy)

Selected Publications

Yamashiro, J. (2022). "More than Half: Multiracial Families in the World War II Japanese American Incarceration Camps." The Journal of Child and Family Studies, James, A. G. & Roy, R. (Eds).

Yamashiro, J. (2021)."Visual Data: Alfred Kinsey’s Collection on Sexual Behavior in Humans." Sex & Sexuality, Module 1, Marlborough: Adam Matthew.

Parks, L. & Yamashiro, J. (2015). “Consumed: Food in The Hunger Games,” European Journal on American Culture 43.2. pp. 137-150.

Yamashiro, J. (2012). “No Dream in the City of Angels: An Introduction to Ohm Phanphiroj’s Photographic Project Underage,” Contact Sheet 167 (Light Work Annual).

Yamashiro, J. (2003). “Sexual Politics: American Laws and Attitudes on Sex in the 1950s,” Las vérités du sexe. Borhan, P., Johnson, C.A., Stirratt, B., Wolin, J.A. (Eds). Paris: Marval, pp. 208-227.

Yamashiro, J., Stirratt, B., & Wolin, J. A. (2000). Peek: Photographs from the Kinsey Institute. Santa Fe, NM: Arena Editions.

Yamashiro, J. (1999). “In the Realm of the Sciences: The Kinsey Institute’s 31 Photographs.” Porn 101. Elias, J., Elias, V.D., Bullough, V. L., Brewer, G.,  Douglas, J. & Jarvis, W. (Eds). New York: Prometheus, pp. 32-52.