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2021 A.S. Computer Information Technology Course Plan

First Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
ENG 111 English Composition Or ENG 109 English Composition for Second-Language 3
CIT 167 Info Technology People and Practices 2
CIT 168 Info Technology Tools and Techniques 4
MTH 125 Pre-Calculus* 5
STC 135 Principles of Public Speaking 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 17

First Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
CIT 214 Database Design & Development 3
CIT 268 Intro to Human-Computer Interaction 3
CSE 163 Intro to Computer Concepts and Programming 3
MAJOR Foundation Concentration*** 3
MPF IIA or IV Creative Arts or Natural Science 3-4

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15-16

Second Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
CIT 262 Tech, Ethics and Global Society 3
CIT 273 Web Application Development 3
CIT 276 IT Systems Design and Lifecycle Management 3
EGS 215 Workplace Writing or ENG 112 Composition & Literature 3
MAJOR Foundation Concentration*** 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15

Second Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
MAJOR Foundation Concentration*** 3
STA 261 Statistics or STA 301 Applied Statistics 3-4
MPF III Global Perspectives 3
MAJOR Technical Elective** 3
ELECTIVE Elective 3

Total Semester Credit Hours: 15-16

Students must earn a minimum 2.0 GPA for all program requirements. Please note this is a guideline only; your degree audit is the official program record.

* Depending on math placement scores.

** See your Faculty Advisor for a list of approved Technical Electives.

*** Choose a Foundation Concentration in Networking or Software Development and Support 

Abbreviation Key

MP-EL = Experiential Learning

MPF I = English Composition

MPF IIC = Social Science

MPF V = Mathematics, Formal Reasoning, Technology

MPT = Thematic Sequence

MP-AW = Advanced Writing

MPF = Global Miami Plan Foundation

MPF IIB = Humanities

MPF IV = Natural Science

MP-IP = Intercultural Perspectives

MPF IIA = Creative Arts

MPF III = Global Perspectives

Johnston Hall

Department of Computer and Information Technology

Hamilton Campus Mosler Hall 301
Middletown Campus Johnston Hall