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Student Presentation Topics included in Room A:

Natural Gas Compressor Connecting Rod High Temperature Limit Sensor (Ariel Corporation)

Jonathan Newman, Joey Fischer
Advisor/Mentor: Gary Drigel

Student engineers researched, designed, and tested a high temperature limit sensor to prevent overheating on a compressor connecting rod. The objective was to find a simple, reliable, and inexpensive solution using low cost components.

Pipe Bend Tester (Advanced Drainage)

Morgan Proffitt and George Gilbert
Advisor/Mentor: Gary Drigel

Student engineers designed, built, and tested a fully automatic and safety guarded pipe bend tester for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) small diameter pipe. This product is used in a variety of environmentally conscious projects, mostly being used as a “header” pipe in construction sites.

Universal Robot Gripper

Chandler Klass, Jimmy Amelung, Catherine Dyer
Advisor/Mentor: Rob Speckert

Student engineers designed, built, and tested an industrial universal robot gripper for Rimrock Corporation. The gripper needed to be puncture resistant, withstand extremely high temperatures, and have high repeatability with precision and accuracy. This is part of a feasibility study for a possible product.

Universal Test Stand (Force Control Inc.)

Tyler Gregory, Keith Kincaid
Advisor/Mentor: Gary Drigel

Student engineers have designed, built and tested a Universal Test stand for Force Control industries. This stand is for larger production Oil Shear Clutch and Brake units. It is also used for research testing in the lab. This stand can adapt to a wide verity of units as it is equipped with its own cooling system and hydraulic actuation system.

Adaptation of a Parker Proportional Valve for use with Festo Hydraulic Trainer

James Clements, Audrey Fields, Luke House, David Poeppelman
Advisor/Mentor: Rob Speckert

Student engineers designed, built, and tested the adaptation of a Parker Proportional Valve with Festo Hydraulic Trainers for educational use at Edison State Community College. The system will accompany lectures given by Edison State Community College faculty to educate students on the applications of proportional valves and PID controls with respect to powering a variable load on a hydraulic motor.

Child Safety Seat Occupant Detection and Alert System (CS-SODAS) *

Oscar Candra, Thomas Tully, John Whitt
Advisor/Mentor: Gary Drigel

Student engineers designed, built and tested an Internet-of-Things (IoT) device to protection children and give peace of mind to parents. The device detects when a child has been left in a vehicle and then alerts the parents by way of a Bluetooth smartphone alert. This device is small and non-invasive yet very reliable.

Worthington Cylinders Training Area

Modou L Njie and Saer Ndiaye
Advisor/Mentor: Rob Speckert

Student engineers designed, fabricated and installed overhead and floor conveyor systems for training new employees at Worthington Cylinders. This area will be utilized by the training staff to get new employees acclimated to working conditions within the factory before being placed on the production lines.

Septic Tank Monitoring Device (Smallwood Septic Solutions)

Christian Guffey, Brian Meermans, Cameron Calhoun
Advisor/Mentor: Gary Drigel

Student engineers modified and updated a current septic tank monitor control panel. This panel has more up-to-date components that gives homeowners and service providers more control over septic systems. The panel operates all components necessary in a system as well as monitors and notifies a service provider when a component had failed and is no longer operating properly. This panel also includes an updated timer which will eliminate the current obsolete timer and increases dose timing accuracy.

CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver with Remote Monitoring *

Jonathan Abernathy, Jason Dick, Nicholas Lewis
Advisor/Mentor: Mert Bal

Student engineers designed a CO Laser Cutter/Engraver with the ability to relay information about the status of the process via internet connection. The Laser Cutter produces real-time feedback about the status and progress of the laser relative to a specific part to be viewed by users and potential customers of the laser service.

Cuckoo Clock Conundrum

Oscar Ambanawa, Derek Moser, Mo Shor
Advisor/Mentor: Gary Drigel

Student engineers designed and constructed a cuckoo clock that people of all ages can create at home. The goal is to transform a traditional cuckoo clock into a modern clock using engineering practices, such as 3-D modeling and simplifying them for use by the general public. The clock kit contains a small computing device to power the clock and cuckoo sound device. The traditional look of the clock remains the same, but controls and time uses modern technology.

Student Presentation Topics included in Room B:

GOFR (Guided Object Fetching Robot) *

Eli Westbay, Francis Nkrumah, Isaiah Storey
Advisor/Mentor: Mert Bal

Student engineers designed an autonomous robot: GOFR with Omni-positional maneuverability that is designed to aid in seamless material handling in automated shop floor environments. The GOFR can close the gap between stationary industrial robots without the need for conveyors or operators and it also has the added advantage of having a dynamic workflow.

Automated Wire Cutter (Automatic Feed Company - Monetary)

Andrew Bischoff, Wes Heuerman, Josh Inkrott
Advisor/Mentor: Reza Abrishambaf

Students designed and built a machine capable of taking a spool of wire and automatically feeding, stripping, and cutting wire lengths to a user’s given specifications. The machine allows users to define the parameters such as of wire length, strip length, and total quantity via a human machine interface and walk away from the machine as it performs the task automatically.

Automated CNC Router *

Christina Stoner, Eric Williams, James Schiele
Advisor/Mentor: Mert Bal

Student engineers redesigned and improved an existing three-axis CNC router for instructional and industrial use in future Miami University engineering technology labs. The improvements on the CNC router allow the router to operate fully automatically for detecting different sizes of work pieces, adjusting the work holder to mount the work pieces and operating in coordination with an external automated guided vehicle (AGV) for part loading/unloading.

Forest Fire Monitoring *

Christian Gandee, Austin Erwin
Advisor/Mentor: Reza Abrishambaf

Student engineers designed a device to detect forest fires and alert first responders when fire begins so the extent of damage could be controlled, and more lives could be saved. The project will be of benefit in the areas that have potential to experience wildfires in notifying the authorities at the initial phases of a potentially devastating wildfire.

Raspberry Pi Bartender

Kyle Smeltzer, Tyler Walter, Michael Jones
Advisor/Mentor: Reza Abrishambaf

Students designed an automated mixed drink dispenser model that can change the ratio/size of the mixed drink by the input that the user provides through a small touch tablet/screen. The unit stocked with the most common/popular drinks could be expanded to carry more drinks and could even be adapted to accept payment and tips via credit card or cash.

Robotic X-ray Plate Holder (The Wilds) *

Austin Williams, Kyle Moss, Landon Campbell, Ryan Duty
Advisor/Mentor: Mert Bal

Student engineers designed and built a robotic X-ray plate holder for The Wilds, which is a private, non-profit, safari park and conservation center. The robotic X-ray plate holder will primarily be used in X-raying the park’s giraffes. The plate holder will have remote control features that allows users to do positional adjustments remotely in real time.

Remote Machine Monitoring System (Clippard)

Ben Arron and Joshua Lydy
Advisor/Mentor: Reza Abrishambaf

Students designed and built a monitoring system for Clippard, a valve manufacturing company, which runs a lights-out production and would like to manage three key aspects of each CNC machine used in production. The system automatically monitors runtime, cycle count, and fire suppression on each CNC machine and creates real-time reports.

Hard Facing Machine (Martin Sprocket and Gear, Montpelier branch)

Kyle Garn, Levi Brumbaugh, Seth Ramey
Advisor/Mentor: Reza Abrishambaf

The objective of this project is to make a simplified hard-facing machine for Martin Sprocket and Gear by eliminating some moving components and replacing them with components that are enclosed in an area that cannot be reached by employees or splatter from the weld. The machine aims to provide a higher quality weld, be more reliable and easier to maintain.

Vibration Analysis for Preventive Maintenance*

Anthony Armor, Cody Rosas, Tristan Schumacher
Advisor/Mentor: Reza Abrishambaf

Students intend to demonstrate the value of vibration analysis when used in industry as a predictive and preventive maintenance tool. The system gathers various data using accelerometer sensors mounted on a variety of rotating test equipment located at Shawnee State University and Washington State Community College.

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