Report or Request Forms

Need Data? Want to request PR/Marketing/Design Services for your event? How do you report something that needs to be fixed in your office or classroom? Good news: We have forms for that. Please bookmark these on your browser for quick access. 

There are natural “growing pains” associated with Miami Regionals becoming a four-year degree institution. What makes us unique is that many of our staff support offices serve not only the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science but also the Voice of America Learning Center (VOALC). For this reason, it has become necessary to establish written, easy-to-follow policies that need to be followed by all faculty and staff. We must prioritize and streamline the workflow through the units that support our mission. Therefore, the following policies are effective immediately:

Request Regionals Data

All requests for data and reports must be submitted via the Regionals Data and Reporting Request form

Request PR/Marketing/Design and Website Services

The Office of Communications and Marketing's (OCM) primary role is external brand visibility. This team is heavily focused on our three priorities of raising the profile, increasing enrollment and building community.

To do this more effectively, as well as to meet the event support and promotion needs for every office and department at the Regionals, this team has evaluated the current process in conjunction with best practices and the workload possible with its current staff. Between February 2016-February 2017, OCM helped support more than 200 campus events. Our campuses have so much to offer and we look for this number to only grow.

To continue supporting every event through the creation of promotional materials and marketing plans, this unit requires an initial notice of 90 days to complete job requests in-house. This includes print and digital materials, media releases and marketing implementation (advertising placement, social media posts, digital slides on our campuses and community partnership development). They do not ask that every piece of content is finalized upon the initial request, only that the request for potential materials and support be made 90 days prior to the date of the event. Once that initial request has been made, the team will be in contact with the assigned event coordinator to establish a specific timeline for creation, review and production.

  1. Approved freelance graphic designers for a Miami University established rate of $60/hour.
  2. Approved student designers (this option will not permit the use of a university logo or wordmark on any materials, as only full-time, designated staff on the Communications and Marketing team are permitted to create, approve and disseminate copyrighted material.

Report an Issue to Physical Facilities

Submit an Issue to Physical Facilities

Request the Regional Facilities Committee to Modify a Campus Space or Move Office

The Regional Facilities Committee meets as needed, but at least once a semester during the academic year to discuss Regional campus physical plant, classroom and technology needs of Hamilton and Middletown campuses. The committee also reviews all requests to modify space or office moves. Submit a Regional Campus Facilities Request Form. All classroom requests are reviewed by the Regional Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. In addition, the committee will serve as the Regional campus Committee on Exterior Art and Memorial requests.

Report an Issue or Make a Support Request to Technology Services at the Regionals

Request Poster Print

Five day notice is required. Please include departmental account number. Printed documents requested by faculty and staff members will be delivered to their campus office. Submit a Poster Print Request.