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Miami Regionals Announces Application Night Open House
Miami University Regionals' Office of Admission is hosting an Application Night Open House on Tuesday, February 19, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Miami University's Voice of America Learning Center in West Chester.
Zach Bohannon: From Miami Regionals to Congressional Aide
Zachary Bohannon is currently a Senior Field Representative for congressman Warren Davidson but his path to this position wasn't a smooth one.
Miami Regionals Online RN-BSN Student Finds Meaning In and Out of the Classroom
Around 20 years ago, Kim graduated from Miami Regionals (Miami Hamilton at the time) with her associate degree in nursing. She went on to work as an endoscopy nurse for just two years before her daughter was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Miami University Alumni Jose Padilla Now a Hamilton Police Officer
Jose Padilla, a 2018 Miami University graduate, was recently sworn into the Hamilton City Police Department as a police officer.
Individual Class Cancellations 2-1-19
The following classes are canceled due to inclement weather.
Thirty-One Earn Academic All-Conference Honors at Miami Regionals
The Ohio Regional Campus Conference (ORCC) has recognized 31 student-athletes at Miami Hamilton and Miami Middletown as Academic All-Conference for the fall semester.
Botanical Studies Series Announced at Miami University Regionals
The Conservatory at the Hamilton campus will be offering a Botanical Studies series in Spring of 2019. These three classes are non-credit but they'll enrich the lives of citizens through botanical study and contemplation. The classes include basic botanical drawing, winter tree identification, and order of bloom study.
Regionals Students Attend Geological Society of America Meeting
Picture this, you're a Miami Regionals student and you have put 360+ hours of research into a project. Sounds intense right? You've also been doing the research for over a year. You've conducted experiments, ran trial and errors, poured out your time and effort into this project. Then you get the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis to attend the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America with almost 6,000 other people.
Miami Regionals Honors Alumni Christina Harrison Passes Ohio Bar Exam
Harrison is now a lawyer who just recently passed her BAR exam and has a Master's degree in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies from the University of Cincinnati and is a Miami Regionals alumni. Harrison will also be teaching a course this summer at Miami Regionals.