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Miami Regionals unveils student wellness initiatives to support student success
The Regionals Health and Wellness Steering Committee was organized to address this critical need at Miami Regionals and its mission is to make students aware of programs and facilities on campus that are ready to help when they feel overwhelmed.
Improve Your Video Quality to Increase Student Engagement
increase student engagement in your online courses by producing high-quality video content. This article provides quick, easy, and free tips for improving the look and sound of both your live-virtual lectures and recorded lecture video.
Miami Regionals attracts talented first-year students for fall of 2021
Amongst the stellar group of first-year students is Samuel Case and Vishnu Vengala who say affordability, academics, and athletics made Miami University Regionals the clear choice for them as they begin their college journey this fall (or next month).
Research opportunity opens new worlds for 2021 Miami Regionals graduate
Research and statistics weren't exactly her cup of tea, but once Brianna Stoll stepped outside her comfort zone, she discovered a new world of opportunities by working in the Autism Research Lab. Through her work as a research assistant, she gained significant experience, won prestigious awards, and established a professional network.
6 Strategies to Engage Students During Online Lectures
How do we translate all of that presence and connected communication to virtual lectures? Luckily, there are a few strategies we can employ to bring that same interactive, communicative feeling to the online classroom.
On-Campus Talk & Tours happening at Miami University Regionals
Discover all Miami University Regionals has to offer during an On-Campus Talk & Tours
Miami University Regionals sports teams join U.S. Collegiate Athletic Association
After winning numerous state championships in the Ohio Regional Campus Conference, Hamilton and Middletown athletes now make the leap to join United States Collegiate Athletic Association.
Hospitality Management added to Miami Regionals Commerce offerings
Students will gain in-depth knowledge of industry best practices, special event planning, sanitary and safety practices, and customer service and satisfaction.
Miami Regionals E-Campus recipient of 2021 WOW Award
Miami University Regionals E-Campus is recognized for leveraging a strong foundation in best-practice online education to provide heroic leadership to the greater campus community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.