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Miami has a two-component program for addressing federal and university policies regarding education for the protection of research subjects. Both components of the educational program must be completed.

If you have completed CITI training elsewhere, you may be able to transfer your records to Miami by logging into your account and affiliating with Miami or updating your primary institution. Part 2 of the training introduces you to the Miami oversight system and expectations and will likely save you and the IRB time in creating and reviewing your application.

Part 1: CITI Training and Certification

Required for any persons acting as researchers for regulated activities.

There are several training tracks available to Miami researchers. For research involving humans as subjects, complete:

Initial Training: Complete the Humans as Subjects Basic Course. There are about twelve basic modules required of Miami researchers. You must also complete at least three additional modules. The additional "elective" modules should be applicable to your research.

Refresher Training: Three years after initial training and each three years henceforth, complete the Refresher Modules (the number of modules depends on how recently you completed the original training) 

Affiliation With Collaborator Institution Training Programs: the CITI system allows researchers to affiliate with other institutions (allows multiple institutions to verify that you have completed modules which may fulfill their training requirements). On the welcome page after logging in, there are options for adding and removing affiliations.

Click here to register or login to an existing CITI account

When registering for the CITI Program: 
  1. Please use your Miami email address e.g.
  2. Use your UniqueID as your user name (e.g. publicjq). If your UniqueID is not available or you do not have an assigned Miami UniqueID, please use LastnameFirstname as your user name.
  3. The human subjects program is chosen under Question 1 "Human Subjects IRB Basic Course"
  4. The training does not need to be completed in one session. The host software will keep track of where you have stopped.
  5. You will be asked to select 3 of the 15 elective modules beyond the basic set of 13 modules. Please select the three that are most relevant to your research.
  6. Many institutions use and recognize the CITI program as meeting their requirements. If completed elsewhere, you can affiliate with Miami and your records will be sent to Miami. If you transfer to another institution, your Miami records could be made available to your new institution.

Part 2: Human Subjects Research Orientation

Required only for PIs and faculty advisors of student PIs.

The goal of this orientation is to assist you with completing your human subjects research protocol applications. CITI online training must be completed before completing the Canvas course.

Canvas Course


Beginning three years after initial qualification.

Once basic requirements are met, Miami researchers are required to complete the online refresher modules (CITI) (Note: when collaborating with other institutions, those institutions may have additional requirements).


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Director of Research Ethics and Integrity

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Assistant Director of Research Ethics and Integrity

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