Red Zone

Red Zone Entrance

Red Zone Policies


  1. Be respectful of all Red Zone staff and patrons.
  2. Do not sit, lean, stand or place personal items on gaming tables. No food or drink on pool, air hockey, or foosball gaming surfaces.
  3. Do not move any gaming tables.
  4. When using the Billiards tables, there is to be no massé or jump shots nor should you aim the cue downwards towards the felt.
  5. Equipment should never leave Red Zone. Do not leave any equipment unattended. You are financially responsible for the equipment that you check out.
  6. Notify Red Zone staff of any damages at first notice.
  7. Do not adjust the TV’s. If you have a special request for a channel, please see a Red Zone staff member.  
  8. Place all trash in waste or recycling bins before you leave.  
  9. Gambling, Raffles, or any other game of chance as outlined in the Miami University Student Handbook 5.8.D are not allowed in Red Zone.
  10. Any questions regarding rules and regulations should be directed to Red Zone staff.


  • A valid Miami ID must be presented in order to receive equipment. Red Zone BilliardsOne table, and/or set of related equipment, may be checked out per ID. The ID will be swiped when checking out and returning equipment.
  • Equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis for a 1 hour time limit. At the end of the 1 hour, you must check back in with the Red Zone staff member, and if a waiting list has not been created, you will be allowed to begin a half-hour period. However, if one has been started, your name can be added to the end of the list if you wish. All equipment must be returned by the person who checked it out, transferring equipment is not permitted. If on the waitlist, and are not present at the indicated time, you forfeit your spot on the list.
  • Failure to return or theft of equipment may result in loss of Red Zone gaming privileges and/or a replacement fee for the equipment.

Guest Policy

In order to utilize or checkout equipment, guests must be accompanied by a Miami student, faculty, or staff member. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for the actions of their guests.  For guests under 14 years of age, please refer to the campus policy regarding minors on campus.

TV Programming (Restricted to Sporting Events)

Miami Intercollegiate athletic events that are televised will be shown on the 90 inch TVs and have priority over other sporting events. Students, faculty, and staff may request for a certain event to be aired on one of the TVs at the discretion of the Red Zone staff. 

Reserving Red Zone

Red Zone may be reserved for private events with approval by Armstrong Administrative Staff during non-dining hours (fees may apply). Red Zone will remain open for general use during smaller events although some equipment may not be available. Any changes to the normal operating schedule will be posted outside Red Zone 48-72 hours in advance. To reserve Red Zone, please contact the Armstrong Administration Office at 513.529.2311.

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