Panhellenic Informal Recruitment

Panhellenic Informal Sorority Recruitment

What is informal recruitment?

Informal recruitment is a more intimate and casual recruitment process for our Panhellenic sororities. Not all chapters are eligible or will participate in informal recruitment. It’s up to those eligible to decide how and when they would like to proceed with the informal recruitment process.

Panhellenic helps facilitate communication for informal recruitment but does not traditionally host informal recruitment events. 

Each chapter will coordinate their own informal recruitment events and these will range in size, style, and coordination. Informal recruitment is truly that - informal. It is individually coordinated and each chapter will operate on their own schedule.

Who participates in informal recruitment?

Chapters have the opportunity to opt-in to the informal recruitment process at any point that their membership number dips below Campus Total. In the Spring, total is set within 72 hours of Bid Day following formal recruitment, and Miami’s Panhellenic Association sets Total based on the median or average chapter size (whichever is larger) of Panhellenic sororities on campus. In the Fall, Total is set during the first week of classes.

The following groups are eligible to participate in Informal Recruitment for Fall 2023. This does not mean that the group will elect to actually bring in new members. 

  • Alpha Delta Pi
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi
  • Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Alpha Xi Delta
  • Chi Omega
  • Delta Delta Delta
  • Gamma Phi Beta
  • Phi Sigma Sigma

To learn more about whether a chapter is recruiting, please reach out directly to the chapter using the contacts listed for them on our Chapters page. 

How can I participate in informal recruitment?

To participate in informal recruitment, you must meet the same eligibility requirements as those who participate in the formal process

Panhellenic provides a list of women interested in informal recruitment to all eligible chapters. Panhellenic will also email all women who have requested to be on that list and let them know which chapters are actively participating in informal recruitment.

Most chapters will either use the list provided by Panhellenic or generate their own list and invite women to specific programs or small meet and greet events. 

Can I reach out to the chapters once I know which will be participating?

You can, if you wish. Panhellenic will profile each chapter and how to reach out to them on the Miami Panhellenic Instagram page.

You may also reach out to Hannah Vorderer,, for more information on connecting with the chapters.