Today, as we see the effects of urban sprawl growing closer to Oxford, we give thanks to the vision of former President, Paul Pearson, the continuing support of the Board of Trustees, the ongoing conservation efforts of the Bachelor Reserve and Other Areas Committee and the donors whose gifts made this greenbelt sanctuary a reality.

Bachelor Reserve and Other Natural Areas Committee

This Committee, chaired by Dr. David Gorchov, reports to the President of the University and is responsible for oversight and management of the Natural Areas. 

Bachelor Reserve and Other Natural Areas Committee (2023-24)

  • David Gorchov, Professor of Biology (Committee Chair)
  • Steve Sullivan, Director of the Hefner Museum of Natural History (Vice Chair)
  • Robbyn Abbitt, GIS Coordinator, Geography
  • Helaine Alessio, Chair, Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Health
  • Jonathan Bauer, Professor of Biology
  • Amanda Bentley Brymer, Assistant Director, Institute for Environment and Sustainability
  • Hardy Eshbaugh, Professor Emeritus
  • Nancy Feakes, Field Manager of the Natural Areas System
  • Nathan French, Professor of Comparitive Religion
  • Sam Fitton, Retired Biologist, Bureau of Land Management, and alumnus
  • Gerry Geil, Director of Grounds, Physical Facilities
  • Stephen Gordon, Administrator, McGuffey Museum
  • Bartosz Grudzinski, Associate Professor, Geography
  • Olivia Herron, Director of Sustainability
  • Ann Rypstra, Professor of Biology and Director of Ecology Research Center
  • Holly Wissing, Co-Curator of Butterfly Gardens

Bachelor Wildlife and Game Reserve Subcommittee

  • Nancy Feakes
  • Sam Fitton
  • David Gorchov
  • Steven Gordon

Silvoor Biological Sanctuary Committee

  • Amanda Bentley Brymer, Curator
  • Brett Brymer
  • Hardy Eshbaugh
  • Jack Keegan
  • Amy Lamborg
  • Richard Moore
  • Cameron Shriver
  • Kara Strass
  • Holly Wissing