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What's New for Orientation 2022
Orientation programs will return to an in-person format this year with a new name and updated processes to best serve the class of 2026. The 2022 fall semester orientation process builds on the successes of past in-person and online programs, while also considering the distinct needs of Generation Z students.
Rinella Learning Center Enters Training Collaboration with Other Universities
In response to student staff concerns about returning to in-person services, the Rinella Learning Center connected with Ohio University and Ball State University to help students connect and share strategies for in-person success.
Love and Honor Story Project Honors Josie Pucel
Described by her peers as a “person with a plan,” senior Jose Pucel embodies the phrase “I am Miami." Josie, nominated for exemplifying the Code of Love and Honor in all she does, is the recipient of the February Love and Honor Story Project.
Patient No More Exhibition at Miami Explores Fight For Disability Rights
Miami will host the traveling exhibition in late February to early March. Visitors will discover an overlooked moment in U.S. history when people with disabilities occupied a government building to win their civil rights. The exhibition highlights the protests of April 1977 when disabled people mobilized to push the signing of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 into law.
Hope Lives Here: Confronting the Addiction Crisis in Butler County
The state of Ohio has been on the forefront of the addiction crisis since the opiate epidemic came to light in the early 2000s. A $1 million grant is establishing new resources, services, and hope to the Butler County community.
Safe Zone Takes off at Miami University
What does the + stand for in LGBTQ+? How do I ask someone what their pronouns are? What does pansexual mean, and how is it different from bisexual? These questions- and many more - are answered during safe zone training.
Love and Honor Story Project Honors David Gudin
Junior David Gudin was recently named the December recipient of the Love and Honor Story Project. As the president of three different clubs, Gudin's impact on campus is significant.
Voting Among Miami University Students Up in 2020
Student voting increased significantly in last year’s presidential election, rising to 70.5% in 2020 from a rate of 60.1% in 2016. This exceeds the national average of voting rates on college institutions of 66%.
Love & Honor Story Project Honors Hanah Bloom
Hanah Bloom, the recipient of the Love and Honor Story Project for November, has made a big impact in the short time she has attended Miami University. Hanah’s story, along with her passions, have a strong root in two of her key identities: being Asian American and Jewish.