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Leveling up Leadership through Class
The syllabus for EDL 290T doesn't look like a typical college syllabus. For one, it looks like it's been printed on treasure map paper. And points in the class are labeled as Experience Points (XP). And actually, it's not even called a syllabus, with "Player's Handbook" in prominent letters near the top of the page.
Sisters win the Presidents Distinguished Service Award
Sisters win Miami's highest honor for students in back-to-back years.
Student Engagement and Leadership 2019 Award Winners
The Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Celebration is a recognition ceremony recognizing the dedication and hard work of various student organizations, as well as members and advisors of student organizations each year.
Meet the 2019 SOUL Team
SOULs are informed, resourceful guides who assist incoming students and their families throughout the orientation program. Meet a few members of this year's team.
ASG's 2019 Outstanding Professor might not have been a teacher at all
Catherine Wolfe Bornhorst never imagined that she would receive the 2019 Outstanding Professor Award.
Greek Spring Clean completes record 1,290 service hours
During Greek Spring Clean 2019 430 students in Miami University's fraternity and sorority organizations completed 1,290 hours of community service in Oxford and the surrounding Butler County.
Summer Haven at Miami University
Summer Haven at Miami University
2019 President's Distinguished Service Award recipients = exceptional seniors
The 2019 PresidentÂ’s Distinguished Service Award recognizes outstanding students.Miami University President Gregory Crawford honored 18 students whose service through campus life, community service, intellectual and cultural leadership or student employment demonstrate the spirit of being a citizen leader of uncommon quality.
Armstrong Student Center Home to New Barber Shop
A new barber shop and nail salon in the Armstrong Student Center East Wing aims to reach all Miami students.